Use these tricks to reduce strain on your eyes while working on computer

Use these tricks to reduce strain on your eyes while working on computer

The lockdown situation has made almost everyone to work from home. This means people are sitting long hours in front of the computers. If trend is to be believed, the amount of work pressure has increased when everyone is working from home. Hence, the strain on the eyes has also increased that occurs due to working on computers for long hours.

This does not mean that you cannot do anything about this. There are a number of tricks that can be used that can easily help in reducing the strain on your eyes while working on the computer.

The Posture

Most of the time the strain issue happens because you are not sitting in the right posture while working on the computer. In offices, the sitting desk is arranged in such a way that the computer screen matches your eye level. But when you are working at home, you may not maintain a proper posture and this may cause strain not just on your eyes but also on your neck, shoulder, and your back. An ideal way is to sit on a chair and keep the computer on a table so that the level of the screen and your eyes matches.

The 20-20 procedure

This is a sort of exercise for those who have to sit for long hours with the computer, working on them. All you need to do is after every 20 minutes, you need to stare at some object that is laid around 20 feet away from where you are sitting. Stare at this object for about 20 seconds before getting back to your work. Practice this exercise after each 20 minutes and this is going to relax your pupils and surely will help in reducing the strain on your eyes.

Reducing the blue light

Of course, technology has a lot of things to do in order to reduce down the strain on your eyes. The very first thing that you need to do is to adjust the brightness and the contrast of your computer screen depending upon the light of your surrounding so that it is soothing and comfortable for your pupils.

The next thing that you need to do is to go to the settings of your computer display and reduce the amount of blue lights. It is said that the blue lights is the major reason that causes high amount of strain on the eyes. Hence, reducing down the effect of blue lights can definitely help in providing comfort and reducing strain on the eyes.

Hardware to use

Apart from making changes in the settings of the display, there are also a number of hardware options that can be used for the purpose. There are gadgets such as anti-glare screen coating that can be installed on the screen of the computer. This helps in reducing the impact of the light of the computer while you are working even for long hours.

Also, if you are not using the screen coating, you can also make use of the anti-glare spectacles and can wear them whenever you are working on your computer. This actually can help in reducing the strain on your eyes so that you do not have issues such as watery eyes, getting tired soon, and pain in the head after you have worked the whole day on the computer screen.

Kitchen remedies to follow

There are also some of the kitchen remedies that can be followed in order to help combat the strain that has been caused by working on the computer for really long hours.

  • Cucumbers:

One of the very common items is the cucumber that can be used to relax your eyes. No, you do not have to eat them, rather cut them into thin round slices and put them over your eye lids and take a nap of half an hour or so. This helps a lot in relaxing your eyes so that the while day’s toil and the strain on your eyes can go away so that you can be ready for the work again next day.

  • Rose Water:

Rose water not just makes your skin glow but also has a number of medicinal values too. It is said that it is highly helpful in curing issues such as eye itchiness and redness due to different reasons. Hence, pouring in a few drops of rose water in your eyes can help you in getting relaxed from the strain that you have gone through while you were working for long hours on your computer.

  • Washing with cold water:

This is another amazing method that can instantly relax you from the strain that you have been going through. Simply splash some good amount of ice cold water on your eyes and this is going to actually work like miracle. The ice cold water offers a shock to the muscles and the blood circulation that removes away the strain and the tiredness. But of course, you need to make sure to take a good sleep at night so that you can get fresh the very next day.

Just following the home remedies alone is not going to help. Also, it is important to understand that after all you should take a break from work every hour so that it does not offer you such kind of strain.

Getting up from work after every one hour and taking a walk for 5 minutes can actually help you in getting relieved of the strain that has been caused by the work that you have done on the computer. Also, you should surely follow the above-mentioned points such as the right posture, the right computer settings, and many others so that you can work on your computer comfortably without getting strained so soon.

Computers have become an important part of work life and hence getting rid of it is not an option. All you need to do is to learn how to deal with it and find out ways to work with it without getting any kind of discomfort.


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