Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Your iPhone

Top 5 Video Editing Apps for your iPhone

Apple iPhone is more than just a smartphone. It flaunts variety of features and application which are always ready to help you and sort you with tasks at hand. Also iPhone have greater camera quality that lets you click High Definitions photographs and shoot High quality HD videos.There is no longer need of carrying a bug Bulky camera and computers to edit those videos later on. Earlier it was a huge task but with the technological advancement there are applications in your iPhone that lets you edit videos that you previously shot.

If you are someone whose profession requires you to continuously work on video editing software, to help you with this task there are various Best video editing apps for iPhone as discussed below:

1) Cameo

Cameo is the most simple and easy to use video editing software application on iPhone which offers basic video editing capabilities like trim a video , add own personalized music or otherwise in the video , Add themes in the video and maintain intensity of the theme as per your requirement to give it a realistic feel. Cameo application is very user friendly and easy to navigate that lets user utilize all the features of the application without any hassle.”

2) Video Crop

Video Crop as the name suggests is used to crop a video. This app in iPhone is very user friendly application that is apt for cropping a video shot by you in a very smooth manner without any hiccups and blurriness. You just have to choose a video on your iPhone that you want to crop and then select the area that you want to crop. There you go, it’s done.

3) Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle studio is a video editing app on iPhone with advanced features for video editing on your smartphone. It has various tools such as adding additional sound effect, improving video quality and enhancing picture quality as well .It also has a social media sharing feature that lets you share your edited video instantly within just a matter of seconds.

4) iMovie

iMovie is the most popular video editing app that lets you crop, edit , drag your video very easily with just a touch on the screen .It provides a very user friendly interface that lets you edit your video just within few minutes such is the interface. It lets you apply various different themes in your video as per the likeability and requirement.

5) Splice

Splice is another powerful and popular video editing app that useful in making a useful and realistic video out of the video you want to edit. Splice enables you to import photos and videos into the app and make a video out of it. It requires you to select mark important activities or part that you feel necessarily to be the part of the movie. After you have selected all important parts, if you also want to add the music into the video you can do so later with the help of app it automatically converts into the movie.


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