Top 5 Must Have Apps for Students


Top 5 Must Have Apps for Students

Your college years are certainly some of the best years of your life because of all the adventurous things you get to do and the freedom that you have. The joy of spending endless hours in a canteen after bunking a lecture or the chilled out staying back for that special performance is like nothing else. But it does come with its own set of challenges and problems.

They say that near are the days when there will be an app for everything. From an app to exercise to an app for personal cooking classes, you can learn a new language or visit your bank on an app. Out of so many apps in various ecosystems, here is a note of 5 such apps that will help you tackle your life at college and make things fun for you.

How about a personal assistant or Evernote?


As much as we might think that college is all about parties, hanging out and chilling, we can’t ignore the fact that the academic work is still an integral part of university life! However with an app like Evernote, you can organize yourself and reduce the chaos and confusion that can ensues as exams near. With an Evernote account you will be able to organize all your notes and plan out your schedule for the semester like a walk in the park. You can even keep all your class notes in one place and access them from anywhere. The app is an ideal fix for all students with time-management and organisational issues.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows

Don’t let hunger spoil your focus, use Zomato.


There are times when you truly want to study but hunger takes your case. Don’t let hunger catch the best of you, lookout for new exciting places to satiate those taste buds and get your mojo back! Zomato is the platform catering to all your hunger and party cravings. The app provides you information on home delivery, dining-out, cafés and nightlife in no time and also gives you access to a number of reviews making decisions a lot easier. Zomato can be your one stop shop to find the perfect yummy destination.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows

Take a break, rejuvenate with Saavn.


When everything else is gone, music endures. Saavn offers over 2 million songs across multiple languages, ensuring your daily dose of music and entertainment through your mobile phone. It also lets you snoop out the best trending chart toppers so that you’re always updated with the latest tracks. You can even create your own playlist, tag your favourite music and share them across social media. We think Saavn will be your companion throughout those difficult all-nighters before an exam to keep you entertained.

Available on: Android, iOS

Make notes in class faster with SwiftKey



So you’re in class texting your friends or probably making notes on your mobile, and your default keyboard can’t keep up with the pace. Well here’s the app you need. SwiftKey is the perfect hack for faster typing, not to mention far better productivity. It’s a firm favourite for every productive smartphone typer, creating a uniquely accurate predictive and auto-correct typing experience. Chatting with friends during those lectures or taking notes on your mobile in class will be a walk in the park with this app! The best part is that it also supports Hinglish – and we know how much people need it.

Available on: Android, iOS

Save and manage money with Mint


Managing money while attending college can be a massive challenge. And a good money tracking app can help you keep track of finances and help you find areas where you could save more. Mint could be your perfect app hack to help you keep track of the money. It’s an easy-to-read app that links to all your bank accounts and gives you updates on how much you’ve been spending. It also lets you know what you’ve been spending your money on by organizing your expenses into categories. You will finally see how much you’ve spent on which party. Don’t worry, it won’t crack a hole in your pocket, as it’s free on the App Store and Google Play!

Available on: Android, iOS


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