Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Companies 2015


In the recent era of online job hunt everyone seeks an insight into the compensation or the incentives offered by the world’s most esteemed tech companies. Most of the reputed organizations pay the best packages so as to hire dynamic, multitasking and highly skilled employees to ensure a continuous magnificent growth. Based on the feedback and reviews made by several employees across the world, highest paying tech companies were supposed to emerge out shining brilliantly through the gem of corporate globe, such that you can explore day to dayTop 10 Highest Paying Tech Companies 2015 business revelations and stay updated. Here is the compiled set of tech companies disclosed with the highest listed jobs and attractive salaries.


The average median total compensation offered by the California-based internet video service company is $180,000. Netflix’s streaming business had grown so instantly that within months the company had shifted to the zenith of success.


American multinational technology company specializing in Internet search engine has been observed to run at a robotic pace to hit immense popularity while persevering market dominance at the same time.


Mozilla is the first browser that challenged Microsoft Internet with an average median base salary of $112,737.


A social networking website goes high up with stocks, bonuses, amazing perks, food choices, great campus, regular team and annual salary of about $131,638.


Graphics and design software company has transformed the world through several digital experiences. Its revenue has grown from roughly $1 billion to $4 billion with an annual salary, $123,351 that could compete the richness of other companies.

Good Technology

Another highest paid mobile security provider company offers employees an average median total compensation of $147,500. Company presented a system that was both secure and responsive to customers needs.

Epic Systems

Epic offers an integrated suite or a platform of health care software which determines an employee rating of salary and benefits as 4.2 and an annual Salary of $82,600.


One of the rapidly rising tech organizations is chipmaker Altera, the family  of programmable custom-designed semiconductors featuring integrated inductors and offering employees average median total compensation of $147,200.


The personal finance software company has been contributing to leading-edge technology that can shape the world in a completely rejuvenated state. Intuit service generally pays well and offers fantastic rewards including fitness reimbursement, heavily discounted healthy lunches, and generous bonus packages.


It is a US Software Company, global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure with an average median base salary of $121,500. It has been described as the first principle system that commercially virtualizes the x86 architecture successfully.

Cadence Design Systems

This is an American electronic design automation (EDA) software and engineering services company which has regularly increased its investment and existence in India by producing software and hardware for designing integrated circuits, systems on chips and printed circuit boards. This technologically prospering company offers employees average median total compensation of $145,000.

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