Top 10 Android Social Networking Apps


People make friends, plan trips, plays and share memories with them often so as to add some valuable relations to the family. They are the ones who will never back off when the need arrives. Some connections never die and follow you wherever you go. Thanks to the phenomenal Android Social Networking Apps that help you stay connected to your friend squad. Using such applications tells you their status, career and job, displays photographs and their keen interests. They might be miles apart but you can associate with them anytime at any place. Keep in touch and you won’t miss a few their lives. Call, chat or share texts and pictures by swiftly opting for any of these below enlisted Top 10 Android Social Networking Apps. Nothing can be as delightful as flourishing your friendships or relationships. So go ahead!


1. Facebook

Its popularity is known to reach every individual on earth and is considered as one of the Big Four technology companies.

Striking Features:

– A virtual social pal

-Accessible from devices (personal computers, tablets, and smartphones) with Internet connectivity

– Post text, photos, and multimedia

– Maintain privacy as per desired

– Way to join common-interest groups, and receive notifications of friend’s activities

– Receives latest media coverage

– Comment your friends with a variety of emoticons.


2. WhatsApp

This was the first app acquired in 2014 that directly connected the users with a local contact list of device.

Striking Features

-Allows sending of text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, documents, other media and also the user’s current location

– Group interactions by either audio or audiovisual calling.

– Develops instant connection

– Allows tracking live location of your friends or family


3. Youtube

One of the most used apps that shows you an enormous range of videos like hottest music, album, movies, trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and much more. Create your own channel or subscribe to your favorites, share with friends, and watch on any compatible device.
Striking Features


-Explore videos quickly than before

-Cast a video to your TV

– Edit and upload your own videos with wonderful filters and music

– Browse personal recommendations, liked or watched videos on the Home tab


4. Reddit

To get the most out of the internet in one place, use Reddit. You can get updating feed of breaking headlines, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos.

Striking Features

-Submit your content and vote

– Content can include blogs, insights, links, text posts, and images.

– Submissions with more up-votes are given priority and, if they receive enough votes, it forms the site’s front page


5. Instagram

Another sensational social networking app after Facebook is Insta or IG.


Striking Features

Photo and video-sharing unique social networking service

– Enables editing with various filters, tags, and subtitles

– Introduces to trending content

-Like photos and follow other users


6. Twitter

A service that rapidly established fame worldwide for being the largest source of breaking news, since its launch in 2006.

Striking Features

– Post expressions, news, updates and interact with short messages referred to as “tweets”

–  Shares rich contents with the world

– Helps businesses and marketers to promote their services throughout


7. Pinterest

Pinterest is a fascinating abode of interesting ideas for projects, stories or anything.

Striking Features

-Photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media app

– Exchange as many ideas as you can

-Pins your interests on personal boards

– Promotes a blog, share DIY tasks like home decor inspirations and cooking recipes


8. Snapchat

It is a global multimedia messaging app that has actively become a part of youth’s Android devices

Striking Features

-Interaction with virtual stickers and modified reality objects

– Person-to-person photo sharing

– Discover users stories of 24 hours of chronological content

– Let brands show ad-supported short-form content.


9. LinkedIn

With 610 million registered members in 200 countries, LinkedIn is one of the most useful business and employment-aligned service globally is.

Striking Features

– Aids in professional networking

-Lets employers to post jobs and job seekers post their CVs

– Create profiles and connections

– Represent real-world professional relationships


10. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging website that allows users to post multimedia or related content to a short-form blog. It has about 555 million monthly visitors.

Striking Features

–  Bloggers can keep their blogs private

– Users can follow other blogs

-Offers a “fan mail” function (users can send messages to blogs, they follow)

– Send posts to others via the Dashboard


If you are one of those who loves to hang out with friends, meet and greet new people, then keep up the strong network by connecting to multifaceted online social media apps. Top 10 Android Social Networking Apps will help you reach every corner of the world.



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