Tips to earn money online on Upwork in 2015

Make money online upwork

Having a successful and lucrative freelancing life is one of the world’s best kept secrets : Ruchi Gupta

I have been doing freelance work for more than 5 years already. I started freelancing on Odesk way back 2013, some time of June. I can still remember my first 5 star rating and feedback. It was priceless and uplifting in so many ways. My self- worth was reached this is why I decided to make a career out of it. You must be wondering how you will start pursuing a freelance work life.

To begin with, let me tell you that freelancing is not just very rewarding, it is also convenient. You can work even by just staying at home. Plus, your profit will vary based on how much you’ve worked. I prefer this kind of job than the ones in corporate world that require formal attires, meetings and, morning or night schedule. It is a great innovative way to earn money. I can assure you that you will fell in love with every bit of it after reading this.

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Odesk is a global online work platform where many businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate. It was only later this year when it was rebranded as Upwork. It is a site where millions are registered as freelancers and clients. It is the world’s largest freelancers marketplace. Many jobs are posted in this site.

The work life in Upwork is very broad and flexible. However, the process is very simple; all you have to do is apply to a certain job post. Once the client reviews your profile, and they like you, they will hire you immediately knowing you are the best fit in the job ads. Some clients do interviews first before hiring, others hire immediately to conserve time. They do this when they are already satisfied with the profile of the freelancer. I strongly suggest that you make a competitive and interesting profile to attract clients.



To be able to do this, you can try to answer and ace some tests. Also, you have to put your real name, position or job title/s, education information, previous work experience which can be outside Upwork, portfolio where you can attach a picture or file, description for yourself, achievements, certifications, and your rate. Rate is very important because it sets how much the client will pay you if you will be doing an hourly job.
The concept of Upwork is to apply jobs and score as many contracts as you can do.

There are 2 types of contracts:

a) hourly price

b) fixed price.


Hourly price means you will get paid every hour depending on how much you put your rate. As a veteran freelancer, I have to warn you to put a reasonable rate. Take an overview on the quality of service you can deliver. Do not put an overly price rate when you are just starting or even put a low rate just to get contracts.

Now, for the fixed price contracts, it means the client will give you a fixed amount upon completion of the job. The job requirements are flexible that’s why I’m sure there will always be a room for growth. The opportunity is just enormous. There are big possibilities earning more. For every payment, Upwork will deduct 10%; this is what they call tax. Your profits are usually withdrawn every Wednesday of the week but some client pays you early or in schedule. All you have to do is link your card or paypal account, and you’re good to go!
There are many inspiring stories of freelancers. Their passion catapulted them to success. Upwork has provided a lot of people tremendous platform to portray their talents and skills. I highly recommend and support people to be a freelancer because I know how it can be very gratifying. As for me, my experience in Upwork has been very fruitful too. I have done fulfilling jobs. I have done content writing services, making backlinks, internet marketing, social media network managing, and I was even given an opportunity to blog my thoughts, teach and help people. My favorite parts would be the beginning of the project wherein you feel thrilled and excited to harbor excellent outcomes, and of course, the end of the project where your satisfied clients leave high ratings and feedbacks. For aspiring freelancers, all I can share to you is to see freelancing as big pool of opportunities.

The advice I can give for all of you based on what I’ve tried and tested are to:

1. Work hard – Money doesn’t come free or overnight. Every second is paid so you have to keep motivated and goal-oriented. Put passion in everything you do. Your heart must be ready.

2. Know your worth – Don’t be afraid to say no if the price is making you feel belittled. Value your time, skill, talent, and effort. On the other hand, if you’re new, don’t aim higher paying contracts. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Besides, low paying jobs are often easy. It will help you gain experience, ratings and feedbacks from client.

3. Build your brand – Your services are your brand so learn how to market them. Stand out from the competition. Be professional and kind as well. Remember that the client is always right.

4. Have an open mind – Learn to adapt new things and changes. Also, establish a flexible character because in the world of freelancing, you are allowed to do many different jobs. All I can say is be open for anything.
It is no wonder that Upwork has been one of the most successful platform nowadays. Upwork has expanded new ways in terms of working.

I can say this with very much confidence because I am one of its successful freelancers. The opportunity Upwork has given me was just priceless. It is indeed the world’s best secret. Freelancing is definitely a valid choice. Not only does it pay better, it also make you feel better. Before I end this, I want to tell all of you hopefuls one thing I learned from freelancing: DO ALL THINGS WITH LOVE.


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    Few more tips like who is going to work first time in odesk and some points that we need to keep in mind
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