Technologies to change your life in 2021!

Top Technology Trends 2021

The deathly outbreak of the pandemic has devastated the earth and has given a swift pace to the digital adaptation of everything. The year 2020 was beyond the imagination and predictions of the best psychic and clairvoyant. And yet our predictions lack behind when compared with the real progression in the technical realm.

The leap through the year 2021 is seen through the lens of 2020 as we have not yet overcome the pandemic situation. While we are yet to overcome the crisis, the technical findings are looking out to ease personal and professional lives. From spewing the latest movie at home to a revolutionary leap of technical gadgets, innovations have made our lives much more comfortable. Also to fulfil the terms of the new normal, technological domain has assisted us in practicing and researching hybrid practices to high-tech masks. To accompany these innovations regularly demands subscription.

 Pandemic provoked innovations! 

Mouth covers to sanitizers, webcams, and other gadgets for our daily use have been modified in a way that we would never have imagined in 2019. One year and the world has changed upside-down in all the prospects. And marketers are seeking new ways to capitalize on the new interest, and 2021 is likely to accomplish new widgets that assure to improvise it all.

The area of video calling and video recording for mobile phones is speculated to turn much better in the forthcoming. The expectations are the same for the Laptops. To replace the low-resolution webcams with better resolution cameras and furnish the users with a better experience.

Convenient versions of UV sanitizers for your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are on the way that are easy to carry and can settle in your pockets. Do you know what is another thing that we can’t leave behind when leaving our homes? High-tech masks. A huge range of masks is anticipated with built-in features like Bluetooth and microphones, a built-in air purifier powered with a fan, one with UV led lights, and much more.

To add up to the curiosity you may even end up scouring a social distancing sweater. A home- security company, SimpliSafe created a prototype with an integrated alarm that rings when someone comes within a range of 6 feet of you. Unexpectedly the sweater ran out of stock immediately.

Laptops arm up

Suddenly the demand for laptops and the zeal to buy one has risen to a remarkable extent. Either it’s your office work or schooling, the use of laptops and its sales have incited to an extent, which wasn’t seen in years. Then, in November, MacBook Air and Mac Book Pro threw out Intel inside for Apple’s M1 chips. The result was that the gadgets were never so cool and calm with enhanced battery life.

A big leap through Intel-based chips to low-powered arm technologies, seen in mobile phones is leading the entire computer industry on a new voyage. Big companies like Lenovo, Acer, and Microsoft have started up releasing Windows or Chrome operating systems. The chips are integrated with a Qualcomm processor, which is seen in empowering the most distinguished Android phones. This innovation is only expected to be experienced in the forthcoming with almost every major Windows PC working on the Qualcomm processor in the Laptops. Many are expected to achieve the 5G feature in addition to Qualcomm.

Apple is on the way to transforming its entire Mac Series to its processors by 2022. Also, the release of the long-awaited iMac is expected shortly in addition to other releases. It won’t raise as a surprise to see companies like Amazon and Microsoft releasing their own set of processing chips in different gadgets.

 Hollywood at Home

Numerous top releases were tuned in tremendous homes at the same time they hit the theatres. This implies tuning to most expected releases from the comfort of your home.

In April, as the theatres were closed, Universal Pictures made an online your. Unaware of the outcomes, it broke all the previous digital records, straining up to a whooping $100 million through various platforms including Apple TV. Disney following the same format, made a big gamble on “Mulan”, releasing the title on Disney+ streaming services, with a charge of an additional $30. This was followed by the Christmas release “Wonder Woman 1984” for all the subscribers of HBO Max without any additional charges. After the huge success of these releases, Warner Media is planning to release its entire suite on the online platform.

Netflix has been working on the same grounds for a long time and now Hollywood is catching on the same more out of necessity. The Cinemas have been reported with an 85% downfall in the attendance level over the year which leads to taking such steps and releasing expected hits on online platforms. However, it’s presumed that online streaming can’t sustain the film industry and needs more of it. Yet the digitally minded parent companies disagree finding in the position of basic distribution channel content proprietary viewer data comes along with it.

 Assisted Reality

The release of a pair of smart glasses by Apple is not yet scheduled to release in 2021. On the other hand, Google is making a big leap through in this category by amassing North, which is an evangelist in projection glasses. The revocation by Google of the second version of North’s glasses, as it designs the future on the same grounds. The real big break is the announcement of the smart glasses launch by Facebook in 2021 offered by Ray-Ban.

The chief executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg quoted that these glasses will be the successive step towards augmented reality. These glasses won’t caption actual objects, which are liable to interact with the actual realm. AR headsets are liable to distribute an immersive experience but aren’t yet accessible at affordable prices.

More value is given to the Assisted Reality glasses, which are capable to display the texts, images, video feeds in the field of view of an individual, quoted by Brian Billard, CEO of the remote-expertise company. Remote video conferencing has created a profound place in the businesses, that hovers around the field of view of numerous workers. The users are not bound to look down to follow up the directions, which eases up the chores.

 Remote Workouts and Clinical Check-ups

Health is of prime importance irrespective of the place you reside. According to MoEngage, a marketing research firm, the number of downloads of health and fitness apps have risen by 46% in the first half of 2020. With the closing of gyms, the use of pricey instrumentation came to a halt. The makers of spin bikes and treadmills, Peloton observed three times the rise in the revenue in the last quarter of the year 2020. A mirror along with a wall-mounted panel acquired by Lulemelon Athletica streams fitness classes in June.

The clinical check-ups have also been modified with the recent changing situations. The use of phone calls or video calls in hospitals to ensure minimal contact with the patients due to the coronavirus. The assistance of telemedicine and fast-tracking systems aided more of the patients. The federal authorities provided the relaxation facilities to modify the privacy regulations and allowed health care practitioners to visit them over face-time apps like Facebook messenger, zoom, or skype.

A virtual primary care provider PlushCare observed a hike of 460% in the patients’ signup. The company CEO expects this to be a long-term response and will last even after the crisis. He quoted this term based on the citing time per person visit. The average time spent by the Americans in the waiting room is 20 minutes as stated by CEO McQuaid.

 E-commerce doesn’t mean Amazon

The impact of the pandemic on the e-commerce industry was seen in such a way that the consumers packed 10 years of e-commerce adoption into a single quarter. Retail companies unlike Amazon offered consumers new and profound ways to shop from the comfort of their homes. The stakes of the retail companies grew to a great breadth during this time duration.

The curbside raise was observed to explode in the e-commerce industry. The warehouse retailer, Costco recorded phenomenal expansion in e-commerce. Walmart launched membership programs known by the name Walmart+. These features added up to keep up with the tough competition. Walmart further added the elimination of minimal orders and shipping expenses and free delivery of grocery products. The payment modes for small businesses online expanded to a broader breadth through Shopify. The payment procedures were performed flexibly without any assistance from Amazon. The resultant to receive goods by the customers was made more quick and effective.

The convenient, rapid, and free shipping is on top stakes and retailers can comprehend the rush they observed before the pandemic. Consumers are now able to get online versions of the prior retail store with more effective benefits. The value of Amazon in 2021 is expected to grow if it is not always the least expensive shop rather it is the most convenient one. This will be tested and rectified shortly in 2021. In the meantime, the market power along with Google, Facebook, and Apple will focus on the regulatory scrutiny.


Everything today is bound to one or the other sort of subscription. From your video apps to grocery delivery and from your cloud storage to work out chores, all you need to do is have a subscription for each of these. These services are expected to expand even more ranging from your dog-food to to-do listing application. Everything as a Service (EaaS) is further expected to grow and continue. The multiple things you bought on a one-time payment purchase are now accessible at recurring payment services. The expectation of new services offering numerous add-ons along with hardware purchase. In Apple’s new fitness+ the consumer requires an Apple watch. Apple and other hardware producers have been considering more added services to their respective products.

The subscriptions that you are already making use of are expected to raise their charges to furnish you with more services. Companies are already arguing to pay more to expand the number of services and features you already use. The YouTube TV raised the cost of the cable-like bundle by $15 in June. The streaming plan of Netflix raised its expenses to $13.99 in October. To join the race, Google eradicated the use of the free Google Photos storage tier in November. Also, the additional charges will be added to the Disney+ subscription from March, raising the total cost to $7.99

 Trust Fall

The advantages of remote working are uncountable, while the generation and retention of employee trust are not one of them. Working online doesn’t furnish you with a drinking water spot or a coffee shop to re-treat yourself. While this was always an option before the pandemic outbreak during offline work. To treat yourself with a few colleagues and chill-out through distinct modes was an all-time available option.

A fully remote company named Buffer arranges a retreat for its employees every year, to ensure a strong communal relationship among its employees. Numerous other industries use this technique to strengthen business relationships and arrange a re-treat meet for you.

The reason that makes the company embark on remote work is that employees are much comfortable and glad to grab such an opportunity. Yet another and vital reason is that it saves an ample sum of expenses as office space is not required. In 2021, it is expected that the working will turn more remote and less offshore.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a new trend but can’t replace the comfort or similarity to old steel. This change is anticipated to arrive in 2021 with some green and eco-friendly modules.

The next in the series is the GMC Hummer EV pickup. The reservations for this machine are already at their peak for $ 112,595. It is expected to have a range of 350 miles and can raise from 0 to 60 in a minimum of 3 seconds. The lower trims are expected to come up soon at lower prices.


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