Steps To Transfer Or Sync Calendar From iPhone To Android

Sync Calendar From iPhone To Android

Transferring or syncing your calendar from iPhone to Android was once a cumbersome task but this is not the case any longer. You can go about doing so without taking any trouble by just following few steps. In this article we are going to discuss the Steps To Transfer Or Sync Calendar From iPhone To Android.

Using Google Calendar on both iPhone and Android

You need to go to the Settings option on your iPhone and then click on Passwords & Accounts. Here choose Gmail if it is present, or else go in for selecting the Add Account option in order to add your Google account. in your Gmail section, ensure that Calendars toggle is switched on, it ought to be green. Doing so will automatically sync all the calendars.

Steps to export calendar from iCloud to Google Calendar

Firstly you need to go to the iPhone’s Settings menu where you ought to select Password & Accounts. Prior to beginning ensure that your iOS device is logged in to the iCloud account that you have. Now on the web browser of your computer you need to open and then login to the iCloud account you possess. Press on the icon that says Calendar in order to open Calendar interface. Press Calendar Sharing “Wi-Fi” button  that is there on the left panel beside the calendar that you desire to export. A popup box appears where you need to click on Public Calendar. After this, press on the Copy Link shortcut in order to store the address that results in memory.

More steps

Now paste the URL that you have copied on the new web browser tab. You must change the webcal that is there at the beginning of the URL to http. Now press Enter. The file with name as random characters will be downloaded. This is the file that is the copy of iCloud Calendar entries. You can save the file wherever you like. It automatically gets saved as *.ics extension. Now open, log in to Google Calendar on the web browser. Click on the menu option that appears like three dots standing close to the Add calendar option. Here select Import. Now click on Select file from your computer and find out the ICS file that you had previously downloaded. In case of more than one destination calendar, press appropriate calendar from the drop-down menu. Clicking on the Import button will upload the file. Once it is done you will be able to see the entries.

All in all, these are the Steps To Transfer Or Sync Calendar From iPhone To Android. We guess the steps are too easy to follow and almost all your quers have been answered. In case there is something more that you need to ask you may feel free to ask us via the comment section below. We feel privileged to answer all your questions and make things as much easy for you as we can.



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