Steps To Pair Echo Sub To Amazon Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo Speaker

If you wish to level up the streaming audio experience then you need to make right choice. It ought to be Echo Sub paired with your current Echo speakers. It offers you the 100 watts of power in order to accentuate the experience of listening to your favorite music. One thing that you are required to do is set up the Sub. This you need to do within the current setup that you have. There are just a few steps that you need to follow in order to do this. In this article we are going to discuss the Steps To Pair Echo Sub To Amazon Echo Speaker.

Equipment that you must have handy

Amazon Echo is actually one of the most classic smart speakers offering a decent look. Having more is better as you can group them across multiple rooms.  Amazon Echo Sub if paired with Amazon Echo speakers ameliorates the overall experience e of listening to your favorite music. To pair these up, all that you need is to have an Alexa application on the smartphone that you are using and you are well to go.

Steps To Pair Echo Sub To Amazon Echo Speaker

First of all you need to open the Alexa App on the smartphone that you have. After this click on the menu button that is there on the upper left corner of the screen of your phone. Now tap on Add Device and after this on the Amazon Echo icon. Now click on Echo Sub. On the page that says Select your Amazon Echo screen you need to select your Echo Sub. You can find it by the name of Echo Sub-XXX. Having done this you need to tap on the Wi-Fi network to which all the other Echo devices that you have are connected to. After your Echo Sub is connected to the Wi-Fi, you need to tap Continue in order to begin pairing the Echo Sub with your Echo speaker.

More steps

You now need to go through the Echo Sub set up video and once you are done watching it you need to tap Continue two times. Now you are required to tap the Echo speaker or say the stereo configuration that you wish to pair with your Echo Sub to. After this tap Next option that is there in the upper right of your screen. Allow your Echo Sub pair to the speakers that you have. Having done all this, your Echo Sub is finally successfully paired with the Echo speaker that you have. After completing all these steps you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite songs in the company of a deep bass from the Echo Sub.

All in all, these are the Steps To Pair Echo Sub To Amazon Echo Speaker that you need to follow. These are quite simple and easy to follow. In case you still have a query feel free to ask us the same. You can do so by dropping your concerns in the comment section below.


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