Steps To Download Video From YouTube

Steps To Download Video From YouTube

There are times when we feel like downloading particular music from the you tube but not many of us know that it is actually possible to do so. In this article we will highlight the points of how you can download the video that you like by using the web tools or the desktop app. Following are the steps to download video from YouTube that will help you get the video in couple of minutes and you can concert infinite videos using these tools and applications.


Out of a plenty of online tools that are available to download the audio or video from the YouTube, you can go in for the one that you consider to be the best. be it any tool that you would like to use, the process more or less remains the same. Here we will take the example of downloading the video using Y2Mate. There are a plethora of quick steps that you need to follow to make the download a success. These are given as follows. First and foremost, you need to copy the URL of the video that you want to download. You can copy it from the address bar of the browser. Now you need to open up a new tab and go to the homepage of Y2Mate. Simply paste the YouTube URL in the field that says “Search or paste link here”. Next you need to choose the audio or the video format. Then click the Download button that you will find there in green colour. On doing so you will encounter another download button. If you click on the same then you will be able to download the audio from the URL that you have chosen. This is as easy and quick to do as it was to read.


You can go in for making use of the desktop applications also to download the required you tube video or audio. Download and install any of the application that you find feasible, here we can opt for 4K Video Downloader as an example. Once you have installed the same there are few steps that you need to follow. Firstly, click on the “Paste Link” button having the“+” icon that is present in the top-left hand corner. Out of all the options that you get to see here, you can click on the option that says download. From the drop down menu select, Extract Audio. After choosing a format, you can opt for the download name and the location. Once prepared, you need to click the Extract button. You get then required information like the speed of download and more via the progress bar that pops up. Once download is complete you can check the same.

All in all, these are the steps to download video from you tube. You may follow the same and get the video that you want.



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