Steps to Add a Credit or Debit Card to Fitbit Pay

Steps to Add a Credit or Debit Card to Fitbit Pay

Fitbit has always been a rage among people who are fond of using latest technology in the market. The Ionic and Versa smart watches have been dominating the market for quite a long time by now as they have potentially more than the required features in a gadget to be termed as a watch. Among all the features that these watches possess, the one that has become an epicentre of discussion is the Fitbit Pay. All the credit goes to the addition of the NFC chip in the Ionic as well as the Special Edition Versa that you now have an access to Fitbit Pay. You can now purchase items in any of the store that currently accepts the contactless payments. You are just a couple of minutes away from beginning with the Fitbit app. In this article we will inform you about the steps to add a credit or debit card to Fitbit Pay. These steps are as follows:

  1. Open the app

Simply open the Fitbit app. Now  tap the icon for the Ioinc/Versa present in the upper-right corner. Next you need to tap the Wallet tile followed by tapping the red Get Started button.

  1. Fill in your card details

Here you get the space where you need to type the credit or the debit card number given on your card. Also, fill all the other details about the card including the expiration date, security code and obviously your name as per the directions.

  1. Verify your billing address

Now you need to click on Next option present at the top right once you have confirmed that the information you have given is correct. Here you need to fill in your billing address, in certain cases it automatically pops-up. Now tap the red Agree button that you can see on the Terms and Conditions page. After this you need to verify your card through the method used by your bank, ideally an SMS. Next you need to type the verification code that you have got on your phone number and press the verify button.

All in all, these are the steps to add a credit or debit card to Fitbit Pay. It will take just few more seconds after these steps and your card will be verified. Now you are all set to begin using the Fitbit Pay-ing. With these few simple steps your card is now a part of your Fitbit watch. This means taht you can now use it to pay for the things but only where NFC is acceptable.  With just few steps to follow you get to attach your credit or the debit card to your Fitbit. This will ease the entire payment load that you otherwise might suffer. Simple payment via easy method, what more can a person asks for. So, follow these steps and get going today.


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