How to Set Up Free Wifi For Customers(COMPLETE GUIDE)


No matter which business you are into, the perks of having free wifi at your place are immense. People are driven by the desire to connect. A place that provides a high-speed wifi facility will certainly attract them and act as a supplement to your service. An individual or company or organization can easily set up free Wi-Fi for their customer. The process through which a person can set up free Wi-Fi for the customers are-

1Select a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider)- 

ISP provides internet connections to organizations, the workplace, or individuals. The ISP also provides email- accounts, software packages (browser), and also a personal website or home page. In order to set up free Wi-Fi for customers, the first step is to choose an affordable and reliable ISP that will provide internet access; and if you need guidance regarding it we advise you to have a look at this. Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable are some of the popular Internet Service Providers.

2High- Bandwidth, High-Speed Service Plan-

The next step to get free Wi-Fi for the customers is to get an ISP’s offer which provides the highest speed and bandwidth at the lowest possible cost. Here, bandwidth means the rate at which the data is transferred in the network. This step is considered the most important one because the network speed or bandwidth speed affects the customer’s speed in browsing. If the network speed or bandwidth is low, then the customer will also face slow browsing and vice versa.

3Set Up The Appropriate Equipment

In order to tap into the Internet Service Provider’s connection, a modem and a router are required. After choosing the modem and router, it must be set up as directed by the ISP. However, the modem or the router needs to be compatible with the Internet Service Provider.

4Set Up The Guest Network-

In order to maintain security in the business, instead of letting the customers connect to the private business wireless network, a separate public wireless network for customers is required to be set up. Also, a secured password needs to be set up by the owner in this regard too. The owner can also turn off the SSID (a technical term that is usually given to the Wi-Fi network) of the private business network in order to secure the private network.

5Set Up a Captive Portal-

A capital portal contains the terms of use that he must agree to, it is a web page that a customer sees before the network grants him access to the Internet. Setting a captive portal is the key to limiting the liability where the owner would not be responsible for any illicit actions of customers online.

6Prevent Bandwidth-Hogging 

By setting up a captive portal, it enables the owner to prevent, if necessary, the visits to certain sites that may hog bandwidth. Suppose, in order to ensure a fast and high connection for everyone who uses the network, visits to sites like YouTube or Netflix can be blocked.

7Communicate The Wi-Fi Password to The Customers

As the owner sets the password for the network, the same needs to be communicated to the customer who visits the business premises. Their communication can be orally or can also be in a written form. For instance, in most of the hotels, the user id and password of the hotel Wi-Fi is written near the reception counter or in the rooms of the hotel, which thereby restricts the Wi-Fi access to the customers of the hotel only. However, the owner must make it easy for the visitors to access the network name and password of the Wi-Fi.

The above mentioned are the steps which need to be followed by the person who wants to set up free Wi-Fi for its customers.


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