Samsung Galaxy A7: To the next level of your smartphone experience

Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 is the addition to the family of the newest genius of Galaxy A-series. Galaxy A-7 is the thinnest super smartphone in India today! This geek phone offers the newest features such as the exceptional metallic design, its adaptive display and sound, and even a more brilliant selfie shooting! Read on and be amazed with the entire new specs of the Samsung Galaxy A7.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy A7

Design and Display

The new metal design of Galaxy A-7 comes with three exquisite colours that will define your personality with the phone you have in your hands. It is available in black, white and gold that marks the modernity of Samsung phones. There is no need to be insecure with the screen size of this phone because it has a dazzling 5.5 inches screen. Samsung wants you to enjoy the vivid picture display with this phone’s new FHD Alive Super AMOLED display. It has the advance Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for its cover glass. While the back panel remains the same with the camera’s flash, rear camera, and grilled speaker’s position along with other Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy A7 specifications

Samsung Galaxy A7 release date, price and specifications


Galaxy A-7 is equipped with two separate Quad-core processors combined making it an Octa-core phone! Imagine, you can play heavy games with this phone or still open multiple apps at the same time and it will still be running perfectly fine. This is a must have phone for all the geeks out there! The other specs of this phone are the 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM size. It also supports an external memory of MicroSD up to 64GB. All decent specs you can expect for a Samsung Galaxy A-series. Another newest feature of this A-7 phone is its automatic audio adjustment that knows how to increase or decrease your phone’s volume as a feedback to your noise environment.

Selfie + Group Selfie: Camera specs

The main camera is 13 MP CMOS while the front camera gives us a 5 MP CMOS! That is more than perfect if you are a selfie addict! What’s best with Galaxy A-7 is that it has a voice command over snapping your selfie shots! The next bang this phone offers us is its feature with a panorama-like selfie that is just so brilliant when taking a group selfie! Because this new phone would like to bring you closer to your friends! Yes, all of you will fit in the screen already without taking the hassle for endless adjustment of your faces and poses. Not to mention the automatic editing functions readily available after you have your pick of selfie!


The Galaxy A-7 is available at Rs 30,499. . If you are looking for a reliable specs and brand name you have to trust Samsung phones. As we review the specs of this smartphone it deserves to get this kind of price for the benefits it offers to you.

Therefore, the new Galaxy A-7 offers you a 64-bit Octa-core processor, new selfie voice-over feature, a crisp hold of the pictures with its 1920 x 1080 display, and the modernist design of the phone. Overall, it is more than what we expect for its price because it brings you the next level use of your smartphone.


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