PPE Face Masks Should be worn on the Bus

PPE Face Masks

PPE Face Masks Should be worn on the Bus

With restrictions being relaxed, more people are being bucked up to come back to their professional spaces. The government encourages walking or using your vehicle for going to work. However, if the same is not feasible, will traveling by bus put you in any kind of jeopardy? What are the best practices to follow while traveling by bus to your work location?

Why the government is encouraging personal vehicles over public transport?

You run into a greater risk of infection when traveling by public transport as social distancing is difficult to maintain onboard. This is applicable both to public transport as well as their stations. Just pay a visit to the nearest bus station and you will see how social distancing norms go out of the window.

What are the steps you can take to reduce the chances of infection when traveling by bus?

Try traveling outside of peak hours and wear a PPE face mask while traveling. If possible, try to keep yourself at least 2 arm’s length away from other passengers. Do not touch your face, nose, or rub your eyes while on the route. Make sure you keep the window open as proper ventilation dissipates the virus-containing droplets faster. After you disembark, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Is Face Mask good enough for protection against Covid-19?

If you are using an N95 mask, the Covid-19 virus won’t be able to enter into your respiratory passages.

Are cloth face coverings effective in protecting against Covid-19 on a bus?

If you are opting for a cloth face-covering, as recommended by health agencies, you must know that cloth face-coverings prevent respiratory droplets from your mouth to go into the air. So, if you are infected with Covid-19 but you don’t know it as you could be asymptomatic, a cloth face covering will prevent the virus-containing respiratory droplets from going into the air and infecting other people around you. Hence, if everybody wears masks while traveling on a bus, avoid any kind of physical contact, and maintain social distancing whenever possible, the chances of you contracting the Covid-19 virus fall drastically.

How to wear a face mask correctly?

If you are wearing a face improperly it won’t help at all. Always wash your hands for 20 seconds before putting on your face mask. Make sure you cover your nose and mouth properly while securing the mask under your chin. Fit the mask closely against the sides of your face. Ensure that you are not facing any kind of difficulty in breathing while wearing the mask.

So, is a face mask essential while traveling on the bus?

A snugly fitted face mask is essential while traveling on the bus. The same holds when visiting possibly crowded public spaces like grocery stores, parks, bus stations, train stations, etc.


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