Popular Apple iPhone Apps of 2018

Popular Apple iPhone Apps of 2018
Smartphone are integral part of everyone’s life these days. Technology has been so deep rooted in our society these days everything is driven by technology. Smartphone apps have been so easy to use and have in variety of ways simplified our lives. It is easy to shop, manage money, and search directions with just a single click on our smartphone.
When it comes to smartphone Apple has proved its mettle. Apple iPhone’s are amazing small devices that comes with variety of apps that are amazing and helpful to ease out our lives. There is variety of apps available on Apple iPhone among them Top 10 iPhone Apps in 2018 are as explained below:

1) Snapchat

Snapchat is the most favorite of among all the apps used on the Apple iPhone. It a messaging app that used camera application of smartphone to share images and short videos with our friends and family easily, this app lets user add fun elements to its images and videos to make it more interesting.

2) Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that lets user create his/her own profile, and share videos and images easily with our friends & family. We can share all our special moments with our near and dear ones. It instantly connects us with world just with a single click on smartphone, no matter how many miles we are apart; we can yet to be so close virtually.

3) Google Maps

Google Maps have simplified our lives to a great extent, it has become like our personal assistant while planning our trips or visiting new place. It can help us out with direction, our point of interest etc. It is very helpful app that saves our time and energy.

4) Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing app that is popular among selfie crazy youth, with this app you can share your special moments instantly with friends & family easily with a single click. Instagram is easy user friendly app that immediately connects with the world.

5) Gmail

Gmail is an easy to use e-mail platform that lets user communicate via emails. Mostly Gmail these days are used for professional communication among people. Gmail is easy to use, user friendly application that is easy & simple to use.

6) Amazon

Amazon is a popular shopping application that makes shopping a great experience with just a single click on our smartphone you can avoid hassles of visiting many shops searching for products.

7) Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a messaging application that lets user share audio, video and text message. It has a user-friendly application that instantly connects to contacts on your smartphone.

8) Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that lets user to share their point of view with the world and share with the world. It is a single point of interface to interact with the others.

9) Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the useful app in Apple iPhone that lets user visit WebPages. It is easy user friendly app that is simple and easy.

10) Uber

Uber is an easy app to book taxis easily and instantly. It is a helpful app that has simple user interface.


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