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By now everyone is well aware of the social networking Facebook and maximum of the world population is getting connected to their dear ones using this particular social networking site. With the rising popularity of the social networking, Facebook has now updated itself with a number of added applications in the Messenger section. These are some of the very simple tools that can add more fun to your Facebook Messenger application.


Selfied for messenger app

This is a tool that is there in many other social networking and messaging applications of today. This gives you the facility of clicking your selfie while chatting with your friends on the application. The same featured tool is now available with Facebook Messenger also. The interesting thing with this feature of Selfied on messenger is that as you click multiple shots, you can add moods to it and you can also replace the emoticons with your face on the application.


Shout for messenger

This application can be said or can be described as a way of annoying or irritating someone. Take a picture of yours or of anything else and then insert texts of bold capital letters on the top of your picture. You can send this to your friends that will put an impact that you are shouting out the words written in the picture to your friend.

Sound Clips

Sound clips for messenger

Sound clips are an interesting feature or application that has been added to the messenger. Simply select a pre recorded sound clip from your file and send it to your friend. Now as your friend would open the sound clip file, the sound will blast out from the speakers. This can be heard either by the receiver alone or can be also heard by a group or a gathering. This is the reason this particular application can be very much useful for various meetings and different gatherings where a sound clip has to be heard by a number of people.


strobe for messenger

Though many would think that the application Strobe is not a very necessary addition to the messenger but this can be also a fun material for many people. This application is all about GIF creation in which you can use your photo to create GIF and then can send the GIF file to your friends in the messenger. Also the application has a feature of supporting effects of Kooky videos.


stickered for messenger

Sticker again like the Selfied is not a very new concept; in fact stickers are at present available with the maximum of messaging applications. Now the same feature is there available at messenger with the application of Stickered. Here along with sending stickers you can also stick clip arts of different variations on your photos to make them look different.

So, this is a list of android application that is there now for your fun from the Facebook Messenger. You can download them for free and can start using them on your Messenger application for more fun in messaging with your friends in Facebook friend list or also in your Facebook Messenger chat list.


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