Most Downloaded Apps during Lockdown

Most Downloaded Apps during Lockdown

The lockdown period during the months of March, April, and May has offered a lot of free time to people across the world. Of course, there are some people who were working from home also but students, and such employees who are not provided the work-from-home opportunity were quite free to explore different other things.

Smartphone in the hand is the magic wand today through which the user can do anything. Users have tried exploring a wide number of options such as applications in order to pass time during the lockdown. Also, there are some people who have installed such applications for exploring new hobbies or even for some productive use.

Here is a list of the top 10 applications that have got installed throughout the world during lockdown till now.


The Chinese application is ruling the list as it has been attracting not just the teenagers but also the age group beyond them too during the lockdown period. People with free time have downloaded this application the most to explore how different people are enjoying making videos and also trying at making new videos too. The entertaining features and easy to use options have made the application quite famous across the world now and it has become the most downloaded app as of now.


When people were not being able to come out of the houses, they craved for meeting relatives and friends in personal. In this situation, video calling applications such as Zoom came out to be of great rescue. Normally, Zoom was introduced as an application for professional meet ups but the situation of lockdown has offered a new service of this application to the users. Users can integrate on video call with much higher number of people than any other video applications available. Hence, this is another app that is trending and is the most downloaded one right now.


Whatsapp has become the global messaging app for last few years. The stay in touch through messages option along with calling and video features has made Whatsapp famous across the world. The lockdown situation has made many of such people download the app who may have not thought of getting it before. Whether it is about sending a message or a file such as images, videos, and other files, Whatsapp is the fastest and the best option in hand now. Also, it offered audio and video calling features.


When people are free, social media is the best option that people are getting now. When talked about Facebook, it is the most famous one already. Facebook due to its popularity has also become one of the best social media platforms for advertisement. Currently, during the lockdown period, Facebook has also become one of the most downloaded applications. There may be a number of people who may have a Facebook profile but they do not have the app on the smartphone. The number of people getting the app has increased in different ways during this time period.


Video calling apps have been quite successful during this lockdown period due to a number of reasons such as meeting up with friends and relatives virtually, setting up meetings with the employees, teaching the students, and many others. In such a situation, trusting any random video calling app can be a wrong thing. You need to have an app that can offer quality video calls and great audio quality. Among different applications that are in use, Facebook Messenger is also one of the applications that have got most commonly downloaded by many of the users across the globe.


If Facebook is about sharing thoughts, Instagram is just for fun. This was the whole statement initially when Instagram came up. But now Instagram has also turned out to be a strong social media platform when people have learned how to communicate through images. Whether it is about sending some awareness to the public or it is about advertising any product, Instagram has also become one of the most downloaded applications recently.

Google Meet

As employees are working from home, meetings are held on video calling apps. For such important meetings, quality video calling apps are very much important. After Zoom, Google Meet is the next most downloaded application that is being used by not just the professionals but also by people for their personal use.

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu is an Indian application that has been developed by the Government of India for tracking the number of people who are getting affected by COVID 19. The user just need to install the application in their smartphone and follow the instructions mentioned on it. This will help the user in finding out whether the user is infected or not and also will offer important information such as whether there is a COVID 19 patient nearby or not.


Another great idea to pass your time is to watch videos and the best platform today available for watching videos is no doubt YouTube. Just not watching videos, there are a number of people who have started their own channel on YouTube during this lockdown period and have uploaded different videos that can be productive or entertaining. Though YouTube comes in-built in most of the smartphones, the number of people getting registered to it has increased and hence it has been kept in the most downloaded apps recently.


Among different chatting and interacting applications Snapchat is another one after Whatsapp, Messenger, and others that is getting most commonly downloaded by many people across the world. Snapchat is known for its high security features for people who share images on a regular basis and hence many of the teenagers are downloading the application for their personal interactions.

People across the world were maintaining lockdown and sitting at home based on the lockdown tenure of different nations. During this time, a lot many people had time in hand and have come up with different applications to use. Though there are many more applications that are trending, the above list shows the most downloaded applications across the world in recent times.


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