Mobile Ad-blockers may wipe out billions in revenue


Mobile websites are now faced with a serious threat of a million downloads of ad-blockers on their mobile devices or tablets. Also removing the irritating ads, but deleting billion advertising revenue. About 200 million downloads of ad-blocking software to mid-2015, according to recent surveys of PageFair, only 1.6% of the blocking was done on mobile devices, unlike computers. But of course that this problem could change as ad- blocking software is becoming more popular around the world, especially after Apple’s move that directly involved in the latest iPhone and iPad operating system iOS9.


The purpose of this software is certainly to be inexpensive and effective. Especially to install quickly and easily, significantly reduces clutter on web pages, accelerates performance and spares users from some click-traps that many of them are faced with this issue. There is an interesting statement Hicham Berrada of France de Teads company video ad that says, “When people come to the point to pay to stop the ads, lets you know how much is actually fed up with all of this”.


Chinese government trawls websites for those politically sensitive topics, they remain littered with pop-up ads, offering millions to purchase apps like “360 Mobile Phone Guard”. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong mobile ad-blockers “Crystal” and “Purify Blocker” recently climbed among the top 30 paid iPhone apps. A study made by Adobe and PageFair said that those websites that rely on advertising losses could be huge or numerical amount total $ 21.8 billion this year, which in 2016 increased to $ 41st billion.


Several complained about the loss of unpleasant publicity in relation to Hong Kong tech site recently promoted applications blocking though the magazine relies on ad revenue. Reviewer Tim Yan says: Writing this tutorial as Unwire employee does not do good about the existence of the boss, but I understand that some people do not have unlimited data plans and it is sad to receive data ad-banners.


There is particular concern about Apple launch of ad-blocking can lead to the mainstream, where it actually is reserved for more technical users. It is dangerous because the democratization of ad-blocking and we know how Apple is really good at making these things to be simpler for consumers- says Berrada. However, Apple as a company it may lose, given the fact that as a company does not rely on advertising revenue in the same way as competitors Google and Facebook.




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While Google has been reluctant to accept applications for ad-blocking, and other developers offering mobile phones on Google with an app boasting over half a million downloads. Google doesn’t make it be easy because most of the money made from advertising- said analyst, Rob Enderle. He also mentioned, if advertisers realize that every block ads, they will cease to finance content. Advertising on digital media was predicted to rise to 15.7% in 2015, according to the analysis of the agency named Carat. We are in a good position since mobile devices have opened a wide selection of features that you can’t find on the internet, says the head of the union of Internet ads Sophie Pouncin in France. He emphasizes the particular importance of GPS positioning for advertisers. The company Berrada recently through a manifesto calling for less annoying ads, an end of pop-up videos that cover the full screen, but to give users a chance to skip the ad does not want.


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