5 Best Makeup or Makeover Android Apps for Android Users


If you talk about women from any part of the world, one thing that you are inclined to find common is the consciousness about looks. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, this proverb might be valid in case of men but not in case of the women. For them, beauty lies in what the mirror has to show. How so ever good looking a female might be, one thing that she ensures to wear is a makeup. Without this many of them feel that the activity of the day has been missed out. With such a love for the makeup and that too in the technocratic era, it wont be fair if we donot provide you the  makeover apps for android.

Yes you have heard it right, there is no need to go out to find a saloon in this scorching heat. Simply visit the playstore and download one of the 5 Makeover  Apps for Android users that are available and see the magic. If you reserve some place in your phone for these then it is surely not going to be a bad deal. Try it out for yourself and see the difference these apps bring in you. These 5 Best Makeup or Makeover Android Apps for Android Users are as follows:

1.Virtual Makeover by ModiFace Virtual Makeover by ModiFace


ModiFace is one of the best makeup apps that you can install in your android face. Some of the unique features of the app are the anti-aging visualisation and wide range of hairstyles. All this is a miracle of technology that enables you to create and trydifferent looks. These changes can bring about a difference in the way you look at yourself. In addition to this unique specification, it also has to offer you the remarkable makeover effects, wide range of cosmetics, accessories, hair colours and face-recognising technology. Surely, this app isan apt choice for having perfect makeup solutions.

2.Mirror Makeover Android App


Now, this one of the best makeup apps  has its own box to open. It has this amazing ability of transforming the front-camera of any  android device into a mirror. This makes sure that you do not find the need of a mirror. Any time you wish to check your makeup or hair the app is available. Additionally, it comes with a night-mode option. Not only this, it also has the zooming technology.the design of the mirror is such that it can be used even in the dark. To undergo a makeover, mirror is a must-have.

3.YouCam Makeup – Android App


Again the one to make a place in list of best makeup apps,this app facilitates users to achieve a perfect virtual makeover. All this can be done with the help of various makeup options. It has a wide range of eyeshadows, lipstick shades and hair colours. By making using of all the various makeover options to your photos, you also get an option to compare and choose the look that you feel is best suitable to use. Also this app allows you to share your new look among your friends on the social networking site Facebook.

4.Perfect365 – One Tap Makeover Android App


It is one of the leading makeup application that provides you the amazing photo-editing features. These features have the capacity to make your pictures look as good as those that have been clicked by the professionals and of the professionals meaning celebrities. It has about 20 innovative makeover tools. All these are awe-provoking features. You can lavishly flutter with the creative styles and novel trends. The results are absolutely glam makeovers. In addition to being a free app, it has add on benefits in the form of features like multi-face detection. All these makes the app popular.

5.Nail Design Manicure Style Android App

Nail Design Manicure Style Android App


These app in general is for all those fond of pretty looks and in particular for the Nail Polish fanatics. There no near competitor. This app  provides ‘Nail paint’ designs for different types of occasions. Name the event and it has a design ready. Be it formal or informal, you get all the designs here. There is a step-wise guidance that you enjoy sitting at home that helps you with getting the designs into a reality. Once you install this app, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits. With all the designs after installing the app, there will not be a single day that you keep your nails without the enamel.The beautiful manicure designs preloaded here which will surely make you fall in love with them.

If you do not have any of these app, then it is high times that you need to install these right away. More you delay, more will you be left out from enjoying the benefits and the fun. You can enhance any sort of a picture that you have. All the effects that the apps have in store for you are worth the effort. Install these apps today and begin the fun.


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