Living on the edge with Samsung’s Very New Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in 2015


Samsung does it again. Not only has it participated in a mega launch with the Samsung Galaxy S6, but has also put the world to awe with the new Galaxy S6 Edge.

With international producers entering the market every year, even the industry monarchs have to rethink their strategy and designs. Samsung faced with the same scenario, has continually tried to present newer varieties of phones in their Galaxy range. With the last year seeing the “neither hit- nor flop” kind of a review for the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, Samsung has been yearning to produce a phone that will put them back on the their favorite top spot.
With this one year in hand, Samsung has scribbled hundreds of ideas and pushed a lot of limits to finally come up with the Edge technology with the Note Edge. As impressed as the industry critics and the consumers are with it, Samsung decides to take it a step further with a stronger backing tech support. Hence, after a whole one year of waiting, it finally launches the Galaxy S6 twins in the market.
Are you Curious about the Galaxy S6 Twins? Get reading to know more.

s6_render_flatter_no highlight-970-80
With only a month left for both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge to reach the market for the consumers to have their share of it, industry experts all over the world are eager to get their hands on them. The phones and its rich features have even left these experts to awe. One thing that is to be mentioned here is, both these phones share the almost exact same features, with very limited number of differences to set them apart.
Features that contribute in making both the phones almost identical are
– The body of both the phones are built with strong aluminum that is further protected with Gorilla Glass 4 from both sides. This not only gives it optimum strength but also makes it down right good looking.
– The S6 brothers come with Quad HD Super AMOLED screens that are both measured to be 5.1” in length.
– Both the phones come with a chip-set that pairs with a quad-2.1GHz processor teamed with the quad-1.5Ghz one
– Both the phones are equipped to support the LTE cat 6, etc.
Well with all these similarities, the only thing that differentiates them is the downright gorgeous look of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
If looks were the preference here, there is no doubt about it that it is the S6 edge that is sure to grab all the attention at the MWC and also for months to come. The phone smartly curves around its edge to accommodate more than just the power and volume buttons. You have a lot more happening over this edge. You can sift through notifications and go through the latest news. The Curve also makes it superiorly comfortable to hold and operate. Without a doubt it is the present favourite to many tech lovers and soon it can be yours too.


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