LG G6 review: An Amazing Iteration Of Dual Camera


We are here with the most awaited LG G6 review. LG has always tried to provide you with the best of products be it in any sphere. This time when it emerged with LG G6, it had several eyes that were constantly speculating the product. Now its time to get you out of the ambiguity, and let you know that the LG G6 is really a great product. It is an awesome phone.


Dual Camera-an amazing feature

As a part of the LG G6 review, you need to know that the most heard about feature of the phone, that is the dual camera has passed the test with flying colours. A great phone to handle and so much comfortable in your hands, the most blazing feature is its dual camera. Though the phone might possess some pitfalls still it is an amazing leap over the previous iteration.lg-g6-review


The conclusion of the LG G6 review has a lot to say. Is there anything that you desire to have in case of phone varieties other than the usual ones? Then you can go in for LG G6 for sure. It has some  add on features to offer. These are  the removable battery, using last year’s chipset and LG’s new flagship.


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