The Best Kids GPS Tracker Devices for Parents in 2018


It is not possible to be with children all the time and thru GPS Tracker it has become more easier to keeping an close eye on them. We have collected some information about GPS Tracker, it is a life saving tools that helps you to keep your little ones on track, so you don’t need to worry about where they are. Just tell them to wear GPS tracker like a watch and get relaxed. Lets have a look at what are the Best Kids GPS Tracker devices for kids and parents in 2018.

Here are few best Kids GPS  Trackers devices for kids

  • Trax Play GPS Tracker
  • DokiWatch
  • LG Gizmo Gadget
  • My Buddy Tag
  • Tinitell

Trax Play GPS Tracker

If your Kids love to wander then Trax Play GPS Tracker is the perfect thing for you to keep your eyes always on your children. The Tracker is beautifully designed and helps you to notify that your children is in safe zone. It works in more 40 different countries and provide protection for your children. This Tracker cost around $99 and has two color blue and pink. The Trax Play GPS Tracker is water and dust resistant.

Doki Watch

Though this watch is designed for the age of 6 to 12. Doki Watch has modern looking design, it is  sleek, reliable, and its color combination make it a stylish GPS tracker for people of all age group. It is the advance 3g smartwatch for kids. The Doki Watch has features like GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi  with video /voice calling, one-way text messages. This watch cost around $200. The smartwatch directly upload the location to smartphone. You can remotely set the appointment and reminder can thru Doki Watch app and  easily check where your child is. If your child is in danger he/she can easily send SOS alerts to you. There is class mode in the watch which helps children from the distractions.

LG Gizmo Gadget

This watch is for Wireless customer and for those who are looking for a tracker which have features like text, video calling, voice calling. The price of LG Gizmo Gadget is $27. Screen display of the watch is 1.3 inch and it has touch screen.This watch allow you to do pre programming for more than 9 text messages which your child can send to 10 whitelisted numbers.

My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag plays an important role in kids life, as they grow their world grow, kids love to jump in a pool in summers but this can lead to an accident, you cannot be with your children at all the time. Suppose  If a child is more than 5 Sec in pool it send the alert to parents. This features makes it little different among other wearable devices on the market.


Tinitell helps kids to explore their world , if you want to let them explore and also want them secure “Tinitell” plays an important role in your life. This is a kind of wrist phone and has a GPS locator in this which helps parents to tell them where their children are. It has voice calling , Video calling feature too. Tinitell’s functions makes it wearable for child. These watches helps parents to find the location and makes kids happier.

It is not easy to being a parent. To make your children safe and happier these GPS Tracker helps you to do that. So i hope these GPS locator will help you to make it easier. Try one of them and please let us know.

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