How to deactivate Bixby?

How to deactivate Bixby

Virtual assistants are extremely ordinary, and all phone manufacturers seem to have their individual versions. For Samsung phones, Bixby is their assistant. Samsung even has a particular button to call up Bixby. Unluckily, many users would favor it if this button did not exist.

There are several reasons your Android phone can feel like trouble, but Bixby’s presence on your Samsung device is possibly at the top of the list. After the Bixby button arrived, Samsung faced a reaction from users who complained of by mistakes in pressing the key. A main issue with the Bixby key is that it is located right under the volume buttons which makes it prone to accidental presses.

To be frank, if you’ve found yourself asking the query ‘what is Bixby?‘ you’re in the group. Unlike Alexa and Siri, it actually isn’t that famous, but many people who have one of the most excellent Samsung phones rate it quite highly. After all, it can do pretty much everything that some other voice assistant can do, such as checking the weather, making phone calls, & setting alarms.

The problem lies in the fact that Bixby is limited to Samsung devices & in order to get complete functionality you must keep upgrading as all the bells and whistles are just available on the newest Samsung devices.

Here’s how to stop the annoying aspect on whatever phone & operating system you have.

Bixby comes with the Galaxy S8 & later flagship Samsung phones, in addition to midrange phones with model numbers between A50 & A90. Most of those phones have a Bixby key placed near the volume buttons or replacing the power button, which is frequently why people desire to remove Bixby.

Disabling Bixby can be a little tricky. While Bixby provides you the alternative to turn off its different methods of activation, you have to sign into Bixby to get at the accurate settings screens, before you sign out again.

With the newest Galaxy phones, Samsung made Google Assistant much simpler to access. On the Galaxy S21, Google Assistant is truly the default voice assistant: you can set the application to respond to Voice Match without a prompt, or you can hold the Home key to activate it.

If you end up with Bixby as your default assistant & now cry for that choice, go to Settings, search Apps, & find the Default Apps menu. You must see your existing selection under the Digital Assistant app; tap it, & you’ll see all of your offered options, including Google Assistant, Bixby & Alexa.

Regardless of your default assistant, but, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 automatically call Bixby when you press & hold the power button, which is used to pull up the power offset. This makes it tougher to, well, turn your phone off!

Here is How to disable the Bixby key on Galaxy S21, S20, and Note series phones

Bixby is a feature that’s built into your phone’s OS, so you can’t remove it completely. You can, however, change a number of settings for Bixby.

On newer Galaxy phones, for example, you hold the Power key to turn on Bixby. But if you don’t utilize Bixby regularly, you might desire to change that setting. Here’s how:

  • Pull down from the top of your display to go to the notifications menu. Once there, swipe down again to expand the menu.
  • Hit the power icon placed on the top right of the screen.
  • Tap Side key settings.
  • Under the “Press & hold” option, Wake Bixby is chosen by default. Hit the Power off the menu to disable the Bixby button.

How to disable Bixby on older phones

A number of older Samsung phones won’t allow you to eradicate Bixby either. But, you can turn off or change a number of its features, like choosing how to launch Bixby with the Side button.

You can control how quickly Bixby responds by changing the setting in Settings > Advanced Features > Bixby key.

How to edit the side button on older phones:

  • First of all you have to go to Settings.
  • Next here you have to scroll down and click on the Advanced Features option.
  • After this you have to click on the Bixby key option here.
  • Finally you have to double tap to open the Bixby selection.
  • After this you can also choose what should be done on pressing the button once.


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