Google Play Store’s 2018 Popular Applications

Google Play Stores 2018 Popular Applications

Google Playstore is popular application used on smart phones that serves are one stop shop for Android apps, music, games, movies and more very easily with just a click on your smartphone. Android smartphone apps can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore.

Most Popular Apps, Movie, games etc on Google Playstore are as follows:

1) Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall

Online shopping is on rise these days and many apps are popular and used these days. Paytm Mall is one such app popular application on Google Playstore that provides a nice shopping experience to user.

2) Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera is popular camera application combined with photo editor that is popular among selfie crazy youth. It is a perfect application as even combining camera with photo editor it is easy to click perfect selfie. Selfie camera is popular downloaded application that is easy to use.

3) Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is popular application on Google Playstore that lets you instantly connect with your facebook contacts with just a single click on the application. It lets user to chat with facebook contacts as well as place call to them. Messenger Lite is easy to download application and it is easy application to communicate with our family & friends.

4) Photo Editor

Photo Editor

As the name suggests Photo Editor is popular photo editor application that lets you easily edit your photo using photo effects, filters etc. Photo Editor is useful application to beautify your image and lets you manage your photos.

5) Baahubali :The Game

Baahubali :The Game

Baahubali is the popular game on the Google Playstore; it is online strategy game that is played where users maintain and train army to conqueror against other players .It is popular game that can be played among multi user that increase the interest of the user.

6) Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is popular gaming application developed by Nintendo and can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore. Super Mario Run has been popular gaming platform set in Mario universe; it reminds many of their childhood memories as Memories are associated with Mario.

7) Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel is another popular gaming platform on Google Playstore in which user can play among them as multi user in which gamer used to fight other gamers’ Pokémon. It is a fun game to play and one of the most downloaded from Google Playstore.

8) Amazon


Amazon is one of the popularly downloaded shopping applications that give a better shopping experience to the user. It easy to navigate and user friendly application that is among the most frequently used shopping application.

9) SHAREit


SHAREit is a popular sharing application on Google Playstore that lets android users share photos, videos, images and applications easily among smartphone users . No matter the size of the application, videos etc this app lets you easily share within a matter of few seconds. It has changed the way we share on smart phones.

10) True Caller

True Caller

True Caller is popular application on smart phones that lets user know beforehand the name and location of the caller calling you on your smartphone.


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