Google 4 Tips Suggestions To Keep Yourself Healthy In 2021

Google 4 Tips Suggestions To Keep Yourself Healthy In 2021

New resolutions are being made in the New Year now, with a lot of enthusiasm. Doing an exercise or joining a gym, or staying fit are amongst the most common resolutions. Google has come up with a few tips to help you fulfill the resolutions made and the tips are here for you. 

Remain Motivated

Training a new resolution is much easier than keeping it. Google states that to remain motivated means commitment to a new healthy habit and making it fun and social. Sharing workouts with family and friends makes one accountable for achieving the goals.

Google Fit app and Apple Watch have a feature that can share workout goals, and targets met. 

Dedicate Time in Rest

Google gives a lot of importance to taking enough rest and points out that sufficient rest is very important to perform any work. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain health, and sleeping habits can be monitored with the help of several sleep tracking apps. Samsung and Apple smartwatches come with inbuilt apps, while Google Fit can connect with sleep apps for tracking sleep data.

Making Every Effort Count

Many people are averse to visit the gym due to several reasons. Google suggests a suitable alternative like brisk walking or any other type of exercise that can be a very good option for fitness. Further, such fitness-enhancing activities can be tracked through smartwatches or fitness bands. Google provides Heart Points whereas ‘three rings’ is offered by Apple, which can keep track of your performance while you are trying to improve fitness.

Measure Steps, Calories, and More

World Health Organization (WHO) and American Heart Organization recommend undertaking a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to intensive physical activity every week for improving sleep quality, boosting energy, and lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, as per Google. Google Heart Points and Three Rings of Apple can be of huge help to keep a track of fitness level.


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