Top 10 Best Good Video Editing Apps For Android Users


The advancement in technology today allows you to not only edit your pictures but also lets you edit the videos. With the aid of Best Video Editing apps you can do a lot with your videos. Video editing is not a right hand task and if earlier you wanted to get it done you had to hire a professional. But today the technology gives you an opportunity to do it on your own and as per your choice and preference pattern. All that you need to do is download certain apps on your phone. Here is the list of Top 10 Best good video editing apps for Android Users. These apps will make editing picture not only a cake walk bout the fun task too.

Top 10 Best Ever Video Creation And Editor Apps For Android


Top 10 Good Video Editing Apps For Android Users

You will find umpteen video filters and effects on video editing apps that are ready to use. All the apps have their own peculiar points and highlights that make them different from each other. You do not require any sort of technical knowledge or expert command over the apps to use then. These are simple to use and easy to download. These Best Video editing Apps for Android 2017 will give you an all new set of amazing filters that will make editing a fun.

  1. FilmoraGo


FilmoraGo is one of the best video editing apps that is a creation of Wondershare. Here you will find plenty of features that include video rotation, trimming, ready made filters, rotation, overlays, text effects, animations, and much more. With the help of the FilmoraGo’s library of licensed songs you can add copyright free music to your video in the back ground. Not only this, you can also use your own music to add in your video. It is available for download free of cost.

  1. Quick


Quick video is a popular video editing apps that is quite quick as the name suggests at creating quick slideshows. You simply have to add pictures from gallery and it automatically adds cool sound effects to the video back ground. You can then share these on social sites. It is available for download free of cost.

  1. Video Editor By WeVideo


Video Editor features the cloud storage. This helps you to save the storage space.the ready to use feature make you video beautiful and attractive in addition to attention grabbing. It is available for download free of cost .

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip


Adobe premier clip is one of the apps for making videos with pictures and music. It has plenty of cool features at your disposal. These are inclusive of the ready to use soundtracks, photo motion, slow motion, sync to music, and a lot more. Download this and share beautiful videos on social media. It is available for download free of cost.


  1. Video Editor By inShot


Video Editor by inShot inc. is is a must have for you if you love creating dubsmash video. It helps you to add ready made filters and effects to these videos. Merge, trim videos with effects, animated texts, collage, stickers, etc are some of the amazing features that the app provides of the noteworthy feature is that it does not leave a water mark after you edit you pictures. It is available for download free of cost.

  1. Magisto


Magisto is the best video editor for android that is available for download free of cost. It allows you to create amazing videos and short movies with the help of auto-video maker feature. Also, you can go in for creating the picture slideshow by simply adding images. These will then automatically add an awesome background music to it. Make a video collage with the ready to use filters.

  1. Movie Maker Filmmaker


Movie Maker Filmmaker app is best video editor app download for android. It helps you to edit videos in an easy manner which saves a lot of time of yours. The ready to use filters and effects are fun. You can directly share the final version of your video on social networking sites like instagram, facebook. It is available for download free of cost on Google Play store.

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  1. VivaVideo


VivaVideo is another free video editing app where you can easily merge two or multiple videos. Not only this, but you can also add subtitles to your video. The app provides around 200 video filters which are very easy to going in for the paid version you can avail more features that the app have for you. It is available for download free of cost.

  1. LapseIt


LapseIt is popular as a slow motion camera app as it makes it very convenient to create slow-mo videos with the help of your camera app. Here you get ready to use animation effects and video effects. These you can add to your slow-mo videos. The app gives a professional touch to your videos. It is available for download free of cost, download and try for yourself how amazing this app of the best video editor app it is.

  1. Cute Cut


This one is best video editor for both android and ios smartphones. It offers amazing video filters, with back ground music which you will love. The app leaves no water mark on videos that you edit. It is available for download free of cost on Google Play store.

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All in all, these are the most popular video editing apps for android 2017. These are not only easy to download but are also user friendly. You simply need to download these apps and see for yourself how you get going. These will help you to sparkle the videos that will be a memory for a life. It will also make videos charming enough to share with your mates. Not,much of the space on your phone will these apps consume. Just a little space and a huge fun for you is in store. So, download these apps today.




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