10 Best Free Football Games for Android You should Start Playing Now


Gone are the days when indoor games included snakes and ladders and for those who could afford, video games. Today there is no game that is out of the reach of handsets. The developers have been able to contract the huge outdoor games to the screens of their smartphones. Football is an example of one such game. Smartphones today are rightly the compact gaming console. The android phones are able to support such games today and all the credit goes to those who have out in efforts to develop this. Here is the list of 10 Best Free Football Games for Android. These are as follows:

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1. FIFA Football Mobile

EA have come up with mobile FIFA game that is of their own and entirely new from the basic level. It is contrary to that of its console counterpart, with the specification that here we play the game and simultaneously interact with the people also. You need to keep up with the good management of your club. You can match up with any of the others to defend or to attack as per your convenience. There are around or say even more than 30 licensed leagues which implies equivalent to almost 5,000 players.

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2. Score! Hero

This is a very popular game that is known for its engaging activities. Here you need to create avtaars f your own and then enter the game playing through your entire career. Initially you can build a small team of yours and grab the reputation in the market and then focus on defending your team. Every time you unlock a new level you get the stars. Also you can go in for buying the equipment that your player requires.

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3. Soccer Stars

Miniclip.com has come forward with this simple yet interesting game to play. The developers of the game are the ones who also developed the most popular 8-ball pool game. You need to get online in order to play with the other players. The only objective you have is to score the two goals prior to your opponent does.

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4. Top Eleven 2017 – Soccer Manager

This is more fun for those who find managing things easy as well as entertaining. Here you get to show your managerial skills. You need to firstly create and then manage your club. Thereafter, you need to come out in open competition with the leagues all across the globe. You are free to go in for buying as well as selling the players in the open market of the game.

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5. Score! World Goals

Score! World Goals is also the baby product of those who produced Dream League Soccer as well as Score! Hero. Therefore, the game shares several similarities to S!H. though it has a far deeper interest in the holistic strategy of the team. You should surely give in it a try.

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6. Head Soccer LaLiga 2018

As the name suggests it is a LaLiga Licensed activity. You have an opportunity to play as your liked LaLiga Santander players that too in a 1v1 standoff. This implies that here kicking and punching is permitted. To a great extent it is a funny game, not only to watch but also to play.

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7. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA 16’s UT game is now on your fingers and in your android set. You have all the freedom to build the team of your own. All that you need to do is get all your favourite players on a single platform. These players that you choose have the freedom to play in any direction that you command them to. Though it is a really effort taking game but if you play it with dedication then you can prepare a perfect team that can easily ace it. The game has to offer to you the entirely evolved graphics. There is a new graphic engine that you will be able to find here. Do remember that this game requires a lot of your resources.

8. Dream League Soccer 2017

The gameplay of this particular game might not be that fabulous but is good enough to play. Undoubted one of the best games it is easy to play. The best part is that there are no adverts here. The graphics of the game is quite commendable. It is the parallel universe in which the game is played. Here the European leagues are usually divided in to 6 continental leagues. Your part of the goal is ti become the best among all the teams.

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9. Final Kick

It is a very simple game to play and that is the sole magic that this game has to offer. Here in this game there is this criteria of penalty too. It might appear to be something annoying but at the end of the day it is this thing that lends charm and addiction to this game.

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KONAMI are the master mind behind the development of this game. Here is this game you have all the freedom to create a team of your own choice. You can include all your favourite players here. With help of these players you can make the required strategies and be the most popular coach a player can ever have in the world.

All in all, these are the 10 Best Free Football Games for Android. All of these are available easily in your smartphone. You simply need to download these. The best part is that all of these are available free of cost for download. There are many other football games available for the android users but we have not mention them here for certain reasons. First and foremost reason being, that we could accommodate only 10 in the list and secondly that many of the remaining are not available for use free of cost. In case you feel that there is your favourite that has not been mentioned but satisfy the criteria then you may leave us a comment.


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