Four Most Customizable Devices for Technophiles


Every family or group of friends has a techie in the mix – the technophile. This person probably has the latest computer, smartphone or gadgets on the market. Fortunately, fulfilling your friend’s appetite for the newest gizmo on the market makes it relatively easy to shop for him or her.

In order to help you check this person off your shopping list, here is a list four tech-friendly gift propositions for those who love their gadgets. Consider it as your gift guide for the ultimate technophile.

FOMOcamera Wearable and Customizable Camera

The FOMOcamera is considered as the most customizable and wearable badge camera. The unit only weighs about 40g, and comes with two swappable magnetic mount accessories; a clip and brooch pin. The accessories help attach the camera to various materials and places like pet collars, hats, bags and apparels.

Other accessories allow the camera to be mounted on a kayak or a bicycle. The best part of this gadget is that it has an image that is customizable using a DIY template. Your technophile friends or relatives will only have to design their own graphics, slip it between FOMO and the outer shell and they are all set.

Other features on this camera include a simple one-button operation, 1080p HD recording and 16GB storage space. With the simplicity it offers, incredibly affordable price point and most importantly, customizable options, the techie in your group will love it.

BLOCKS Smartwatch

BLOCKS is the first modular smartwatch that allows users to create their own customized smartwatch by removing or adding modules. The entire process starts with the watch face, which is the core and is a fully functional smartwatch on its own, and then adding modules to the strap for added functionality. You have the option of adding as many modules as you want and connecting them together to come up with a smartwatch that is specifically for you.

The modules on BLOCKS are easily swappable in seconds; you do not even have to restart the watch once you connect a module. Current modules available on the market are extra battery, heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC contactless, and adventure modules. Plus, your technophile friend will surely love the option of being able to change the smartwatch cover for customizable covers that include wood, stones and different colors.

Linksys EA7300 Smart Wireless Router

It’s obvious that your techie friend longs for a lag-free, fast Wi-Fi connection (that is, if they do not already have it) that can deliver to several devices at the same time with no issues. Fortunately, the Linksys EA7300 Max Stream Dual-Band Smart wireless router is capable of handling intense online gaming as well as 4K streaming. The router has three external antennas that will broadcast a reliable and powerful signal within a home.

Since customization is critical for your friend, this wireless router has an intuitive app that can run on Android devices, such as LG K20 or iPhone 8 to name a few, and give the users total control over their network. This means access to real time information about the Wi-Fi home network, ability to set parental controls, and prioritization of devices like gaming consoles and others that need the most speed. If you can’t decide which wireless router to get for your technophile friend or relative, this router offers you the best value.

Android TV

Your techie friend will definitely want to dive in straight and explore all the features available on an Android TV. The TV allows the user to customize his or her viewing experiences using a plethora of apps. In addition, it looks like Android on your phone, but built for the big screen, meaning that setting it up and using it is fast. What the best perk? Your friend will be able to mirror his or her smartphone screen to the TV.


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