Does Your Business Need Temporary Resources To Succeed?

Business Need Temporary Resources To Succeed

If your business has some short-term growth and you are undecided on the sustainability of it, the fix may be to consider using some temporary resources to plug the gaps. Many temp companies have overloaded catalogues of skilled individuals from many different sectors (banking, construction, engineering, medical to name a few) that are ready to start temporary employment. To get to the stage of actually taking on temporary resources there are a number of things that will require to be considered.

Terms of Contract

One of the most beneficial things about taking on temporary resources is the fact that usually it can begin very quickly, and it is mainly hassle-free. In the same tone, you can also get rid of the temporary labour pretty quickly also with no real issues. Although you can agree on a term within the contract (something like 6 months), if you want to break into this and allow the employee to leave then it is something that can be completed quite easily.  In the same respect that you can allow the employee to go, they can also do the same with your company. They may be offered a better contract with another company and decide to give you some pretty short notice. There isn’t much the company can do about this. 

Associated Costs

The costs of temp services can vary significantly and they are something you should spend time on investigating and seeing what opportunities there are. Generally, the person will advertise the hourly rate that will be charged, and this can differ depending on skillset, education, location and demand for the particular skillset. The agency will also usually charge you a one-off hiring fee for the person. If you weigh this up against the costs you would have for recruitment within the company, you will find that it all balances out. Without temporary services, you would pay for things like sickness pay, holiday entitlement and bonuses. 

Company Growth

If your company has an increase in demand this may not be sustained, therefore, going straight out and recruiting individuals into your company may help in the short-term. However, this could lead to you having too many employees. The consequence could lead to things such as redundancy packages and prove to be more costly for you in the longer term. So, ensure you only use temp services as and when you need them. The success rate of these companies is typically pretty high, for example the temp services in Phoenix offered by Coporate Job Bank has put more than 50k people in jobs. Therefore once you choose to find temporary staff for your business, you’ll likely have someone working with you before you know it which is ideal if you have sudden growth that you need help with.

This is exactly why the temporary resource is perfect if you are not able to guarantee that the company growth will be sustained over a much longer period.  You will sometimes find that some of the temporary agency staff may also look to “jump ship” over to the main company after a short time being on temporary resources. If your load allows this to happen then it could be a consideration but be sure to make sure that you are not stepping on the temporary resource companies toes.  There may be some contractual elements in place that will prevent this from happening.


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