Discord mee6 Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Discord mee6 Bot

Mee6 Bot is the most popular Discord bot that plays an important role in your Discord community management options. Founded by developer Anis, also known as Cookie.

Over the last few years, as Discord has grown in popularity, so has the influx of new users. The mee6 discord server plays a key role in managing rules, regulations, user troubleshooting, and announcing connections for streaming apps like YouTube and Twitch.

What is The MEE6 Bot?

Chat and Moderation Bot MEE6 is one of the most popular and useful Discord bots on our server and community. Users can manage numerous server functions and create visitor and spam rules to keep their Discord servers clean and secure. 

Bots are especially useful when your Discord server has many different channels and it’s difficult to track visitor traffic. With MEE6 you can set orders, assign levels to members based on their participation, You can be notified of upcoming events. MEE6 is popular for its versatile music functions that allow you to play and save songs and playlists.

What features does MEE6 provide?

Many MEE6 plugin features are available for free and can be used immediately after adding your bot. In general, the free version covers the core moderator features that the majority of Discord users need.


Custom Commands: Create custom bot commands to assign members different roles and send automated messages or announcements.

Level: Her members of the Discord server can reach levels that can be published or rewarded depending on user behavior.

Music: Various bot commands allow users to play music, skip songs, create playlists, or vote on songs.

Welcome: MEE6 automatically welcomes new members with a special message.

Moderation: The automatic Moderation feature filters spam and profanity and removes or bans users who violate our rules.

Recording: Users can record and play voice recordings.

How to Use The MEE6 Bot

Follow these steps to quickly set up the MEE6 Bot on your discord server:

  1. Open mee6 bot’s official website and click the Add to Server option.
  2. Register now and log into your favorite Discord server.
  3. Once logged in, add a server to display the mee6 bot.
  4. Next, give the mee6 bot permission to control and access your discord server.
  5. Check Add bot to server and click the Approve option. After applying the
  6. Command Prompt command, you are ready to customize your Discord server.

Discord Mee6 Commands

When it involves the mee6 bot, the moderator has get right of entry to to a listing of instructions that they could use to manipulate positive capabilities of the server and manipulate the server effectively.

Here is a listing of a few not unusualplace Commands.


Commands                                               Functions
!ban Command used to prohibit a delegated consumer from the discord server
!tempban Command to limition a consumer from the discord server briefly
!kick Command to kick a consumer from the discord server
!mute  Command to mute a consumer from the discord server
!unmute  Command to unmute a consumer from the discord server
!tempmute Command to briefly mute a consumer from the discord server
!clean Command to clean the messages of a channel
!function Command to extract the facts associated with a selected function
!server To get information regarding an current server
!slowmode  Command to disable or allow the slow-mode characteristic in a channel
!unban  Command to unban a consumer from the discord server
!warn  Command to difficulty a caution to a specific consumer


Mee6-Bot: Premium Features

MEE6 Premium is a paid feature that unlocks additional features. These premium features are:

  1. Customize member rank cards. 
  2. Adds a banner to the server leaderboard page.
  3. Removes ads from server leaderboard pages.
  4. Get access to premium roles and servers on official MEE6 servers.
  5. Allows the !give-xp and !remove-xp commands.
  6. Automate messages such as server invitations and external links.
  7. Grants predefined roles to members when they reach a certain level. 
  8. Change XP win rate.
  9. Responsible for editing and deleting messages and posting invitations to the server.


Some features of MEE6 bot can be annoying for users, but most of them are very helpful and users can have a great trouble-free experience without any complaints.

Another annoying thing is that many features are locked behind the premium Mee6 bot. However, many are also available in the free version, so you can get a wholesome experience out of discord.


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