Discord Dungeons (Features, Commands, and Setup)

Discord Dungeons

Discord is a popular server that offers you a wide range of features. Discord also has many useful bots that make your Discord experience even better. These bots also include the Discord dungeon, which helps you with a variety of commands. Today in this article we are going to give you all the information related to the discord dungeon bot, so keep reading and experience the discord dungeon bot. This server is very easy to use.  All you have to do to get the most out of this adventurous experience is to join an army, go on adventures, fight bad guys, and build better teams with your friends!

Let’s know what discord dungeon is.

It sounds like an interesting video game name or setting, but what exactly is Discord Dungeon, let’s know. Discord Dungeon may initially sound like the name of a dungeon set from a video game, but it’s proven to be a pretty cool discord bot. It is capable of running on its own; it acts on your command and posts information. With its help, you can store your information on the server so that information can be accessed from anywhere. So you don’t need to be concerned about losing your information.

Features of Discord Dungeons

Online Games

If you are interested in online games then discord dungeons can prove to be a great option for you. Once you’ve added Discord Dungeons to your Discord server, the rest is easy! It stores your game progress so forget about losing your game progress as the dungeons can be accessed from anywhere. You can connect your Discord app to your Smartphone, your web browser, or the desktop app. You can access it from anywhere.

Ability to play with friends

Although most of the gaming features on Discord Dungeons are single-player, you can also enjoy the game with your friends using the multiplayer mode. This Discord RPG Bot is accessible online from anywhere, allowing you to compete against friends and other server members. This allows for great interaction.

Customizing Option

The ‘discord RPG bot name & prefix, i.e., #! is effortlessly customizable and can be changed and edited according to the user’s choice. Don’t like the present bot name and prefix? No worries! Change it up according to your taste!


By polishing different game-playing skills such as foraging, mining, fishing, & woodcutting and using weapons, tools, & craft items to go forward, one can move forward in the game. In addition, you can discover the discord RPG bot by getting new items, weapons, & tools from the marketplace or buying and selling used ones. You can make the most of your discord familiarity with pets, gear, & tools such as a compass through your side.

Unbreakable Security and Privacy

As discord dungeons are available through discord, discord ensures that your privacy, in addition to all your game progress, is protected at all times. No confidential info or progress is at stake when using discord dungeons. All progress & info are kept in protected databases in addition to backups.

Regular Updates

Currently, Discord Dungeons offers a lot of cool features and hours and hours of game-play content that will provide you with a unique experience. The good thing is that this bot is always being updated with new and cool features being added to it, giving you an excellent amount of content to keep you occupied at all times.

Let’s Know about Commands For Discord Dungeons:

General commands

  • #!achievement: By using this command you can find info about an achievement.
  • #!bug: This command helps you find a link where to report bugs.
  • #!changelog; With the help of this command you can unhide the links which will help you to see the latest changelog.
  • #!commands: With the help of this command, you can find a list of commands.
  • #!help: This command gives you information about all commands.
  • #!info: This command is used for bot information.
  • #!invite: With the help of this command you can get the invite link of the bot
  • #!item: This command is used to get information about an item.
  • #!items: This command is used to get a complete list of all items.
  • #!lead: This command is used to view the leaderboard and its information.
  • #!recipe: With the help of this command, you can see the recipe of any item.
  • #!server invite: Helps to get invite link for bot
  • #!suggest: With the help of this command, developers can get suggestion messages.
  • #!support: This command provides a link to where you can support Discord Dungeons
  • #!wiki: command helps you get a link to this Wiki

User commands

  • #!achievements: this command helps you get all your achievements.
  • #!achievement stats: With the help of this command you can check your achievement stats.
  • #!assign: You can assign your attributes using this command
  • #!attributes: With the help of this command you can see your attributes
  • #!buy: With the help of this command, you can buy items from the market.

Battles commands

  • #!accept: With the help of this command you can accept a battle request.
  • #!battle: challenge someone to a PvP match with this command.
  • #!cancel: To cancel a battle request need this command.
  • #!accept: draw request accept.
  • #!bfight: show fights in a battle.
  • #!refuse: let you to decline a battle request.
  • #!bstop: This command let you end a battle.

Location commands

  • #!buyfield: to buy a field for planting.
  • #!location: to get the information of your current location.
  • #!map: Map.
  • #!search: Location search.
  • #!talk: Talk to non-playing characters.
  • #!travel: travel to a location.

Here is How To Setup Discord Dungeons

  • The very first thing you need to do is invite the Discord dungeon to your Discord server using the official website.
  • Note: Keep in mind that you must have server permissions to invite bots.
  • Now you have to click on the invitation received.
  • You can use the command #!wiki or any custom prefix of your choice. This will connect you to the discord RPG bot wiki and provide you with all the information about it.
  • And that’s it! Now all you have to do is to remove the RPG bot and start your game.


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