How To Delete Your Hulu Watch History in 2022


Users of Hulu may be unaware of how to remove their full Hulu watching history from their website or application. There could be a variety of reasons why someone would wish to delete their Hulu history, especially if they share their Hulu account with another person due to two following reasons:

  • You’ve seen or learned something you don’t want your parents to know about. Alternatively, you may have viewed something and, because you share your account with your children, you believe it is inappropriate for them to watch.
  • You may have noticed that after watching anything on Hulu, content similar to it continued popping up on your suggestion list. These suggestions can sometimes be excessive, and you can remove them from your Hulu screen by either manually eliminating them or deleting your history so that Hulu no longer presents these episodes or movies on your account.

However, in this article, we will discuss how to clear watch history on Hulu by applying simple methods.

How To Clear Watch History On Hulu

It’s simple to delete your viewing history. Simply follow the procedures outlined below, and your Hulu account will be as clean as a brand new one. Once you’ve cleared the history, Hulu’s recommendations will immediately change or disappear, as they’ll only offer items connected to your Hulu viewing history and the shows you’ve tagged.

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop/notebook, use software to scan the repositories and replace any corrupt or missing files. When the problem is caused by a system flaw, this method works in the vast majority of circumstances.

Step-1: Go to your Hulu account and sign in. Working with the website on a computer or laptop may be more convenient because you can see everything more clearly.

Step-2: Your name, or the profile name you’re now using, can be found in the right top corner of your screen. By opening that profile on Hulu, you can remove that profile’s watching history. I’ll click here, next to the K, as shown in the figure above, to find a History tab. By selecting this option, you will be taken to your viewing history, which will display all of the episodes that you or your companion have ever seen from this profile. There are two approaches you can take. You can either delete the program from the seen history tab or from the top left corner of the screen by clicking the Delete all videos button.

Step-3: Your Hulu account will appear as if you have just joined up for it after you have erased certain shows or the full history. To be honest, the viewing history allows you to keep the shows that you’re most interested in at the top of the page so you don’t have to dig deeper to find them. You’ll have to start over if you delete your complete viewing history. If keeping your viewing history isn’t such a big deal to you, then don’t erase it. If not, you now know how to go about doing it.

Watch And Manage Your Hulu History

In this section of the article, we will discuss how to see Hulu watch history and how you can even manage it. Check out the Keep Watching collection if you want to browse and manage your watch history on a device that supports the current Hulu app. Learn more about Watchlist if you’re using a device that supports the classic Hulu app.

Your watch history is kept in the Keep Watching collection, which you can access directly from the Home page. Look through the library to see what series and movies you’ve lately seen.

You can take up where you left off in each show and movie from Keep Watching, or go to the Details page for more information and actions. By hovering over one of the thumbnails on, you may learn more about the material and use numerous features.

How To Watch The History Of Individual Episodes on Hulu

Keep Watching keeps track of the shows and movies you’ve recently seen, but it doesn’t include specific episodes. Visit the Details page of a series and/or add it to My Stuff for more information to see which episodes you’ve previously seen.

You can instantly view how many episodes of each saved show you have remaining to watch in the My Stuff portal. As you binge-watch the series, the unwatched episode badge will alter proportionally, and it will vanish once you’ve finished the most recent episode. You can use the watch progress bar and other available badges on the Details page to see which episodes you’ve already seen.

How To View All Watch History

In this section of the article, we will discuss how you can view recent shows watched on Hulu. For many years, Hulu has been a terrific method to view TV series and movies. The site is well-known for offering a large number of episodes from popular shows, with new ones being posted on a daily basis! But what about all the shows you’ve seen before? You can find your Hulu “Watch History” in the Keep Watching collection, which you can access directly from Home. Look through this archive to see what shows and movies you’ve lately seen.

Hover your mouse over your account image in the upper right area until you see a drop-down menu appear. To choose “viewing activity,” go to the account and scroll down to the section “My profile.” It will show you a long list of all the content you’ve seen, and you can choose whether or not to see certain items. You can’t delete a show from My Stuff since you’ve saved individual episodes. Go to the show’s details page to double-check. If the show remains, delete any stored episodes from My Stuff before attempting to remove it again.

Hulu has an area where you can keep track of all the stuff you’re watching but haven’t finished. In this section, you might find movies or shows that you haven’t seen before. This isn’t a mistake. It’s a sign that the profile is being used to stream material by someone else.


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