Complete Guide About VPS Hosting


Complete Guide About VPS Hosting:

There are different options available out there in the market when it comes to web hosting such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Each of its services has its own benefits, features, and pricing points. Here, we will take a deep edge into the best VPS hosting details.


The Virtual Private Servers allows you to save all the important data for your website on the web space that has been composed to look like a standalone dedicated server. Let us know more about it.

What Is Virtual Private Server?

Basically, VPS means for a virtual private server. It is is a server that has its own replica of operating system and they can install almost any software that runs on that OS and also has allocated server resources within a single physical server.

How does VPS hosting work?

As the name itself signifies that the entire facet of VPS is virtual. The virtualization technology is one of the powerful services which has the capability to divide a single server into multiple virtual servers. What exactly it means that you have a piece of physical hardware that can function as separate servers.

There is privacy with the services and resources even though the physical server is shared and you do not have to share your CPU, RAM  or data as the virtual server will be reserved only to you.

A VPS host will provide:

  •    Guaranteed performance: as you will get your own resources for your needs such as RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, Storage, etc.
  •     Advanced security: As your websites will be hosted in an isolated environment and neighboring websites will not affect you.
  •    Complete server root access: you get the same feeling like hosting on dedicated hosting.


Benefits of VPS hosting

A VPS server is the perfect balance in terms of performance, price, security, privacy, and affordability. Here are some of the prodigious benefits you will be served by using the services are:

  •    Access to the server with more control
  •     The almost same level of services as with a dedicated server
  •    Quick server setup
  •     The private environment in which VPS server works

Difference between Shared, Dedicated AND VPS Web Hosting

Many get confused about the different set of hosting categories as they are of three types shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. Let us know more about of it and do a little comparison for better understanding.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is more like sharing a room with others, a lot of your friends that means you need to fit into the same room and split the cost of living because it is more affordable and cheaper. But, sharing the same space and everyone need to live within a space with some restricted resources among them and use the same things which can be unhygienic.

Many website holders prefer shared hosting services because it is easy to manage and very affordable. It is easy to manage because the hosting service providers will care of the server maintenance and the website owners only need to focus on their website upbringing.  

However, shared resources can see some circumstances such as when one website gets overloaded it will hog onto all the resources on the server and this will effect on the performance of the other websites that are hosted together on that server until the hosting service provider resolves it.

VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting is more like an apartment complex and you living in it, which means that the other people are living in the same building but still you have your own safe space in it. You will get more space and fewer restrictions compared to dorm style living. In case your neighbor misbehaves the problem will be in charge by the owner of the building and will not affect you.

Similarly, in the case of VPS hosting, there will be several users that are using the same server but are isolated from each other which means that none of their activities will be disturbed by how much another user is using. You will get the security and the utmost speed with no compromise. With a VPS server, you will benefit from the features of a private server with the shared cost of services.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is like a bungalow and being the owner of the house. You have the liberty to move anywhere all over the property as you like. But however, you will have to pay for the entire bills and that can be very expensive.

Similarly, you will have to pay for the entire server which is not shared by anyone when using a dedicated server. It is expressed to be the most expensive hosting services and is needed some technical expertise to administrate it. This type of hosting is mostly used to host websites that acquire extremely high traffic and needs better security features. When is the right time to switch to a VPS hosting? It is the best time to upgrade to VPS when you need the following things:


When the website content increases it will definitely slow down the speed of it. This is a true case for the websites that depend on database-intensive engagement. If you are facing such a problem, then it is the time to upgrade in the plan, i.e. to a VPS.

Also, many websites will experience a lot of traffic over time. When your websites get popular and gain more traffic and your current hosting plan is unable to withstand a huge amount of traffic. Upgrading to VPS hosting is the best step to take at this point in time.


Lack of resources

When you continuously experience 503-server errors will indicate that your services are no longer available to your visitors and to the customers as well. This clearly means that you no longer have enough memory space on your server due to some reasons such as hogging of the resources by neighboring websites. Then it’s time to move to VPS hosting.


Increased security needs

If you are facing sudden attacks from any other website hosted on the same server as yours, will fetch you with a lot of problems. To let go of such problems you need to keep informing about it to your host manager or simply switch to a VPS hosting to get rid of it.


Custom Operating system (OS)

With the full root access that additionally comes with the unmanaged VPS hosting plan, you will get the liberty to install and customize any software that is needed. This flexibility is more valuable when you need to install any custom OS.


How to select the best VPS hosting provider for your business?

There are more than thousands of web hosting service providers available online and choosing among the best ones can be a real though.

Here are some of the things that you must consider while drawing to a conclusion and spending that much money.


Customer support- 24/7

You need to find a hosting provider who can provide customer support all-day long. Get the best one that provides everyday support via live chat, phone calls or ticketing system. This makes the customers feel safe as in if anything happens the host has their back.



The VPS hosting services are very affordable and checking its cost is very important. As the VPS resource availability is scalable and can be upgradable at any point in point, so the cost that is needed to be compared from one host to the next.


Reliability and hosting performance

Check for the uptime guarantees. As you are paying some more money, you need to look for a host that offers 99.5% uptime at a very minimum and also with a better server speed. To get to know about their uptime guarantees like looking upon some good reviews as there are many who have put this to the test.



If your business is growing and looking for an advanced hosting solution to withstand the increasing traffic, then VPS hosting offers an inexpensive way to obtain many of the advances resources, features, and control. The prices of VPS hosting plans are dropping day by day, there is a huge number of hosting providers in this modern world, pick the reliable one that perfectly suits your budget and business needs.


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