Camera Comparison Between Handsets LG G6 or Pixel XL


LG G6 has made an entry with an intention to challenge the champ in Android smartphone cameras. Though both are the king but still they have certain differences. Camera comparison between lg g6 or pixel xl becomes more evident when the camera of the two are discreetly observed. This calls for the need for the comparison drawn between LG G6 and Pixel XL camera.


Points of difference that got highlighted during the Camera comparison between lg g6 vs pixel xl :

Camera-comparison-lg-g6-vs-pixel-xl 1.The camera comparison of handset reveals that LG G6 has a dual camera setup and and claims to have a big photography. LG G6 seems to be a very good choice for mobile photographers. It is using a 13-megapixel  camera sensor offering image stabilization whereas the Pixel XL eschews image stabilization altogether for a 12MP sensor.

2.The former surprisingly has small 1.12-micron pixels whereas later offers really big 1.55-micron pixels that relies on intense software processing. Additionally firmer has a traditional combination of a wide f/1.8 aperture.

3.On the one hand Pixel XL is all about simplicity and on the other G6 gives you tons of shooting options. The Pixel XL’s camera has a viewfinder interface. It offers a couple toggles and some shooting modes. You simply have to press the shutter key or start a video. On the other hand, the LG G6 has an advantage because of its 18:9 screen. This gives you full controls, toggles, and camera roll previews, while preserving a complete 4:3 viewfinder. It however has no quick toggle for HDR. Although the interface gives you tons of options. These include a full-fledged manual shooting mode offering the point-and-shoot simplicity that many of us desire.

4.A couple of hiccups have been experienced on the LG G6. At the same time, the Pixel XL has shown few camera crashes.

5. LG G6 has a secondary wide-angle camera but the Pixel has only one camera. This means the former offers extra utility with its super wide lens. It gives you more options for a wider range of zooming in photos and video. Also, it provides you with a super exclusive look.13MP sensor behind the wide-angle lens makes it more valuable.

6.Camera quality

Well-lit daylight situations are much easier to handle for cameras with small sensors — like those in smartphones — but in 2017 we have high standards for these expensive devices. We still want to see fine detail, punchy colors and good dynamic range.

Low-light shots are considerably tougher to handle The small sensors in LG G6 makes it tough to handle low light shots. Its small pixels take in less light and require more processing. Here OIS can help a bit. Though the Pixel XL does not have OIS but has proved to be exceptional in low light. The credit goes to its HDR+ processing.

Different set of situations handled by the two devices- A great illustration on comparative basis.



Pixel XL and LG G6 go toe-to-toe in daylight conditions. Both phones take crisp, pleasing images by using HDR to tastefully enhance photos. These doesn’t blow them out with over-the-top colors. Still, on comparative basis, LG G6 tended to take brighter images that were slightly more saturated. These offered better white balance. The Pixel XL comparatively takes dimmer images and warmer photos overall. On zooming you will get to see that Pixel XL captures more fine detail and has sharper edge, though not perceptible when viewed at normal sizes.

Low light



Despite the small 1.12-micron pixels, in conditions of consistent dim lighting, strong side lighting, and partial lighting, the LG G6 was either equally good or better than the Pixel XL . The credit goes to the fine definition and sharp edges. At most of the time, the Pixel XL had more blotchy chroma noise and rough edges than the G6. This becomes more evident, particularly in shots when HDR+ did not trigger.
The Pixel XL’s can sometimes over-brighten dark shots creating blotches or soft edges.


Both of the above mentioned have their own set of benefits to offer. Though the fact cannot be denied that LG G6 offers a cut throat competition to the features in camera offered by the Pixel XL. At some points the former beats the latter. You choose any of the two and the results will be your happy and satisfied face.


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