Binge watching for May 2020 on Amazon Prime


As the lockdown has got extended to 3rd May in India, there are many videos that have got released on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many such options. Though the extension is till 3rd May as of now, it is still not sure whether the lockdown will be extended even further or some of the areas will be offered some relaxation.

In such a situation Amazon Prime has come up with 16 engaging titles that it is going to release for the viewers in May 2020. In the titles to be released in India, there are some series from both National and International directors. Also, there are some movies that have become quite famous and hence are worth to be watched again.

Here is a list of such shows that are coming up on the Amazon Prime Indian platform this May.

1st May

  • Ab Aani CD

Ab Aani CD is a Marathi movie that got released in India on 13th March 2020. The comedy movie is directed by Milind Lele and is produced by Akshay Bardapurkar. The movie got famous not just because Amitabh Bachchan did his debut in the Marathi movies with this film but also because it had a great storyline. The movie is all about two childhood friends and the entire movie is much different than the other mainstream movies.

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Directed by Marielle Heller, this drama from the year 2019 made a lot of talks in the town. It has a rating of 96% in Rotten Tomatoes and 7.3 out of 10 in IMDb. It is about an investigative journalist Lloyd Vogel who is offered the opportunity to interview Fred Rogers. The interviewer is surprised by the amazing nature of the interviewee but soon comes across another side of the coin.

  • Lano & Woodley: Fly

Lano and Woodley have made a comeback in 2020 in the masterpiece Lano and Woodley: Fly. The Australian show has made a remarkable popularity in rest of the world too and hence it is getting released in Amazon Prime Indian platform too.

  • Tom Walker: Very Very

It seems it is the perfect era for comedy shows and hence the comedian Tom Walker is back again to London with its amazing comedy timings and a perfect show for the audience.

  • Thappad

The Bollywood movie Thappad casting Taapsee Pannu brings out the most common concept of the society and that is physical violence over women. Anubhav Sinha has beautifully directed the movie and it has got amazing reviews such as 92% in Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Upload: Season 1

The science fiction American series Upload is about to be released soon on Amazon Prime. The season 1 is about to be launched by May.

8th May

  • Anne Edmonds: What’s wrong with you?

The Australian comedy drama was nominated as best show in the year 2019. With its impeccable comic timings and cast, the show is here to entertain the audience on Amazon Prime now.

  • The Goldfinch

The movie is based on the award winning novel The Goldfinch. The story revolved around a 13 years old man who deals with the death of his mother. The tragic story is engaging and brings out a number of expressions.

  • Jimmy O’Yang: Good Deal

Another standup comedian with his show ready to entertain the audience is here. His hilarious interactions and amazing comic structures are worth experiencing.

  • Praveen Kumar: Mr. Family Man (Tamil)

It seems that Amazon Prime is bringing in a lot of standup comedians for the audience his May. Praveen Kumar is another Indian comedian who is ready to make you laugh and roll.

  • Tom Gleeson: Joy

Tom Gleeson is not just a comedian but also is also known to be someone with a very sharp mind. The Australian comedian is offer a number of throwback moments and yet will create an interesting environment.

9th May

  • Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans

Amazon Prime India has also got something for the kids. The movie Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans is an animation action movie that got released in the year 2019. Produced by Warner Brothers, this is a perfect one to binge watch with your kids.

10th May

  • Jumanji: The Next Level

The fans of Jumanji wait for the movie release eagerly. The Next Level has actually many elements that have been brought to the next level to increase the excitement level of the audience.

15th May

  • The last Narc: Limited Series

The Last Narc is a four part documentary to be released on Amazon Prime India soon. It is a movie that focuses on the life of Kiki Camarena and what happened to him. The documentary will be of great interest for those audiences who have enjoyed the series of Narcos and the documentary shows light on the events of Narcos too.

  • Paatal Lok: Season 1

Indians have always been in love with shows that are related to mysteries and Anushka Sharma brings exactly a perfect show for the Indian audience this May on Amazon Prime. The trailer of the show has been already floated and it is quite gritty in nature, attracting many viewers who have liked series such as Asur and many other similar to it. Anushka Sharma is also known to release the movie ‘Pari’ that was also again similar concept.

So, if you are tired of the work from home schedule and wish to get some relaxation time, binge watching on Amazon Prime is the perfect thing that you can do. Even if you are not working from home, you can always watch the shows on Amazon Prime that you might have missed out watching when you are busy during the normal office days.

The next month is going to be a happening feast time on Amazon Prime India with a lot of movies and series being released. So, all you need to do is get your subscriptions ready for the Amazon Prime and enjoy the lockdown period, staying safe at home.


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