Top 5 Best sports apps for Android Users

Best sports apps for Android Users

Sports is a part and parcel of our lives we wish to keep up to date with all the little happenings o the field and not just the scores. However, it is actually not possible to sit in front of the television the entire day. To resolve this, smartphones that are poered by android support the sports app that fulfills this requirement of yours. Here we are with the list of Top 5 best sports apps for Android Users. These are as follows:


There is no denying the fact ESPN is the world leader when it comes to keeping the audience up to date with the latest happening in the world of sports. ESPN’s app is among the most popular apps that are most-downloaded in addition to being the most-used sports apps on Android. All the credit goes to the quality as well as the user interface. It is very easy to navigate while using the app. Also, it is convenient to customize. Apart from this, the app has scores for almost all college plus all the major league sport that you follow or like. However, when it comes to services, there are for sure some of the services that require subscription, for instance, ESPN+ content and cable subscriber content. If it is just the news and scores then you are required to subscribe for nothing. Also, the app gives you the notifications about the latest updates.

2. theScore

It has been quite a long time that the sports app, theScore has been around us. The two dominatingly significant features of the app makes it different from the others in the category, these are a glorious dark theme as well as dedication to deliver the best sports experience on Android. The app is perfectly laid out and lets you quickly find the news or the scores, and also the standings that you need. Also, the app provides you the ease to navigate. You can also avail the test alert so that you do not miss out on any big event. There is also an esports app within for those who wants to keep up to date with the latest League of Legends tournament results.

3. CBS Sports App

CBS Sports is one of the most solid sports app owing to the fact that CBS Sports app features CBS Sports HQ which is a free of cost 24 hours streaming sports channel. The channel is replete with news, commentary as well as all the major events. It is one of the few sports app that makes use of the hamburger menu rather than the bottom tabs. This implies that you can avail a little more real estate while you are browsing scores or while you are reading the news. Switching between the sections would however require swiping left on the screen.

4. Yahoo Sports

If you are searching the up-to-the-minute scores or in case you are looking for the long form editorial or the in-depth sports journalism pieces then Yahoo Sports is the correct option for you. This app also makes provision of some highlights as well as commentary videos. However, it is less video-heavy if we compare it to CBS or ESPN. The best part about the app is that in case you are unable to access this app for few days, then you can simply tap on the Notification Center to see all headlines as Yahoo Sports had pushed a notification to help you keep up to date.

5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most valued and the most popular sports app for android users. This is owing to the million of searches that it entertains the entire day. Here you get the desired notifications about the teams that you follow. Also you remain up to date with the scores. On any of the device you can ask for any information related to sports if you are using this particular app. one thing that you need to analyse here is that in case you change your preferences in nay respect you will need to go to the Customize settings of the app.

All in all, these are the Top 5 Best sports apps for Android Users.


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