10 Best Reselling Apps in India


As the years pass by, inflation continues to increase swiftly. People cannot just rely on one source of income. Everyone wants to get a few extra bucks to add to their monthly salaries.

So, how can one earn those extra bucks? Get a part-time job, take risks and start a business or maybe rob a bank. These may not be the wisest decisions to make when you have the option of earning with reselling apps.

What is reselling?

Reselling means buying a product from a vendor and then selling it further by including your profit margin. In India, the concept of reselling has started to grow at a very rapid scale.

There are tons of reselling apps that have come to light and have become more than mere part-time jobs. Here is the list of the 10 best reselling apps that can help you earn from home:


India’s top reselling app Meesho was founded in 2015 by two IIT graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. It provides an opportunity for small business owners and individuals to start their online stores via different social media channels. 

To get started with it you just need to register on the Meesho app as a seller and choose products of your choice. You will be provided with pictures of the products that you can share. 

When you will start receiving order requests for the products you can place the order on Meesho and resell it. 

Playstore Rating: 4.4


  • Zero investment 
  • Quick and Secure Payments


  • Penalty on suppliers for returns
  • Bad Customer Support service

2Shop 101

Another popular reselling app that was founded in 2015 by IIT Kanpur alumni Abhinav Jain and Aditya Gupta was Shop 101. It aims at providing a providing a hassle-free platform to housewives, college students, merchants, entrepreneurs through which they can earn income all by sitting at home. 

It boasts of having 90lakh+ resellers and over 2crore+ customers. Thus, making it a very promising platform for people who are just starting. 

Playstore Rating: 4.5


  • Profit margins are good
  • Incredible range of products
  • Best user interface


  • Delivery time may exceed up to 15 days


Founded in 2017 by Sonal Verma, Kunal Sinha, Nitesh Pant, Shekhar Sahu, and Nilesh Padariya Glowroad is one of the most talked-about reselling apps. 

Having a network of over 60 lakh+ resellers in over 2000+ cities this reseller app is empowering women and small businesses all across India.

The registration process and working of this app are similar to Meesho and Shop 101 that are mentioned above.

Playstore Rating: 4.4


  • Products are priced at minimal prices
  • Timely deliveries


  • Registration issues


This online reselling store brings in retailers, wholesalers, resellers, traders, all under one roof. It provides resellers with an opportunity to create reselling groups over the app.

Sellers publish their catalog on the groups and resellers or customers join the group to either resell or purchase the product. Resellers have the liberty to create their own shopping groups and there is no limit on group size.

Playstore ratings: 4.3


  • Plenty of offers every day
  • Managers motivate resellers daily


  • Slow running app
  • No timely refunds

5Tun Tun

Tun Tun is a newly launched reselling app that helps you start your online business with zero investment. Anyone can use this app and earn around 20,000 per month all by sitting at your home.

Cash on delivery and a 7-day return policy helps customers in having a stress-free buying experience. 

Playstore Rating:3.8


  • Apt app for beginners


  • Errors while receiving OTP
  • Bad Customer Service


MilaMila provides an online platform for both wholesalers and resellers. Wholesalers and manufacturers trade their high-quality products directly over this reselling app.

Not just apparel, MilaMila deals in bags, kitchen items, toys, etc.

With a user-friendly application and unique features, MilaMila is slowly paving its way to the top.

Playstore Rating:3.8 


  • Provides great discounts
  • Good rates on products


  • Poor product quality
  • No reviews on products


This Singapore-based e-commerce site was launched in India in the year 2014. Their main aim is to tap the small & medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs. 

The only difference between the above-mentioned apps and Shopmatic is that it’s not free. You need to pay 3% weekly on the transactional model and for the subscription model, there are monthly plans.

Playstore Rating:4.2


  • Customer-friendly services
  • Helps in creating your e-commerce platform


Fees on app usage.

8India Mart

India Mart connects sellers, manufacturers, resellers to fulfill their business requirements all under one app. It was crowned as the Most Promising Company of the year at the CNBC Awaaz CEO Awards in 2019.

They offer various products like electronic goods, building and construction material, industrial machinery, etc. 

Playstore Rating: 4.7


  • Option of reminders and notes
  • Comparison of rates from different suppliers


  • Constant inquiry calls 


The name might sound familiar but this is a different app. It provides a hassle-free service to its sellers who comes from different walks of life.

It’s a free platform and can be used by anyone be it a housewife, a beautician, a college student, shop owners, etc.

Playstore Rating: 4.7


  • Good quality products
  • Great profit margins


  • Login errors

10Mall 91

Mall 91 was founded in the year 2018 by Nitin Raj Gupta and Shubham Paramhans to fulfill the aspirations of rural India. It has also won Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge last year. 

They allow you to earn money through referrals as well. You just need to use a unique referral code and send it to your friends and family. When somebody buys through your code you earn commission automatically.

Playstore Rating: 4.4


  • Group Discount option
  • Shopping wallet option to avail discount from nearby stores


  • A problem in running the app

Reselling apps are the new game-changers in the market. They not only fill in the pockets of the common man a little more but also help several others to generate a source of income. 

Give a shot at these reselling apps and become your very own entrepreneur. 


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