Explore and know what the Best 5 YouTube Apps do

Explore and know what the Best 5 YouTube Apps do

YouTube is now the most popular app and millions of people spend hours using it daily. This is because of the variety of videos it has. From cooking to comedy; from makeup tutorials to Bollywood news and from trailers to music, it has everything. Here are the best five YouTube apps that most people will enjoy using:

1. YouTube:

This is the basic YouTube app which is used by most people across the globe. It is a free app but for a few movies and videos, there is a subscription of around 10 dollars per month. Most people know how this app works and how it can be used. There is Red content, live streams, background play and so much more for people or members who subscribe to the paid plan.

2. YouTube gaming:

As you can guess by the name, this is the perfect app for gamers. It consists of a blend of live streaming videos and content videos. It does not include music videos, technology or Science videos. It is a free app and has optional in-app purchases. every video receives comments and if you want your comment to be highlighted, you can pay a little extra for it. It is very similar to Twitch, but the layout of this app is much easier to use.

3. YouTube Kids:

If you are worried about what your kid streams on YouTube, this is the right app for you as it removes most of the videos from the original YouTube and allows only those videos which are okay for kids to see and access. It allows multiple profiles for multiple kids and that is a very interesting feature. It had a few issues with marketing in the initial days, but it is working more effectively now. It has filtered its content more now and has endured a safer and faster service. This also has a paid plan of 9.99 dollars per month.

4. YouTube Music:

This app has recently grabbed the attention of most music lovers. It does not include any videos except music videos. It has extra music features that the original app lacks customizable playlists and specializes in live videos and recordings of concerts. Like the rest of the YouTube apps, it has a 9.99$ per month subscription which is optional. There are chances that this app becomes its own music service someday and is perfect for people who use YouTube to listen to music.

5. YouTube TV:

Binge-watching movies and TV shows are the new trends among teenagers these days. It has a subscription of around 40$ a month but it is really worth that amount. It is YouTubes live TV app without actual YouTube videos. This app also includes the Red and exclusive content for its subscribers. The main reason to get this app is not the Red content but for the live TV option. The Red content is just an added bonus with the subscription to the plan. It is a good app, but other TV apps are just as good and turn out to be a little cheaper I comparison.

As you can see, YouTube has many other branches but they usually give quite a similar feel but these specializations have been a boon to most YouTube users.


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