Apple Watch Launched in India Revealed the Price


Apple Watch set on stage to blast its impeccable launch in India on 6th November, brought the prices in reflection and other exclusive information regarding Apple’s first wrist wearable. This trendy wearable is available in Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition variants.

As per the reports received, the Apple Watch Sport will reach you at a starting rate of Rs. 30,900 and Rs. 34,900 for the 38mm version and 42mm variant respectively which are the actual prices or MRP, inclusive of all taxes which corresponds to these models retailing at $349 (Rs. 22,700 approximately) and $399 (Rs. 25,900 approximately) respectively without taxes in US.

Apple has planned to explode with the most expensive model, Apple Watch Edition (with Gold Case and Modern Buckle) charged at Rs. 14.2 lakhs only. And this is related to comparable US price of $17,000 (Rs. 11 lakhs approximately), before taxes. The full range of wrist bands has also been forwarded to India, with prices ranging at Rs. 30,900 for the Sport Band.

The cost of Apple Watch with stainless steel case announced in India is supposed to vary between Rs. 48,900 (with Sport band) and Rs. 95,900 (with Link Bracelet) or $549 (approximately Rs. 35,600) and $1,099 (approximately Rs. 71,400) in US, excluding taxes. The base model price of Apple Watch Edition is tagged with Rs. 8,20,000 (18-Carat Rose Gold Case with White Sport Band). You can buy it from authorised resellers in India.

Keeping in mind the reviews received by gadget users, conclusion is drawn that if an individual having an iPhone is in a search to hunt one of the most coveted smartwatch, then the Apple Watch would be the excellent and a smart choice in the smartwatch market that can have one’s heart set on. Although it would indeed be a tough task for app or platform developers to provide the competitive level of rival with more advanced features against Google’s recently marketed Android Wear support for iPhone. Other products like the Pebble Time and Fitbit Surge have limited interactivity with iPhones due to Apple’s software restrictions.

Apple Watch seems a perfect thought for the first generation device and its trade-offs (battery backup, lags) are minimal and this drives you stubborn to buy the piece as soon as possible. WatchOS stepped out on 2 September with updated system software for the Apple Watch came up with stupendous features like activation lock, native apps, and more. And now something more awaited is knocking your doors. Most of us can look for the base variant with the sport band as these are reasonable and worthy. Others are much of luxury items rather than technology products and customers who can easily shortlist the Apple watch irrespective of its price or can afford the expensive variants should only pick them up. The company is bang on about the fantabulous wrist wearable.


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