4 Best Anonymous Web Browsers 2017 Worth Using


Sometimes it seems as if everyone is trying to get a glance at our life. There are people all around us who find it interesting to see in what we are going through rather than having a check on their own life. In such a scenario it has become difficult to even surf the sites of our choice. Any time we tend to browse a site it becomes the part of the history of the site that we browse. Anybody who Anyone who tends to use the internet on your device the next time has all the valid options to see the last thing that you have surfed online. However, this is the case only when we use the popular sites to surf the net. Here we are with the list of 4 Best Anonymous Web Browsers 2017 Worth Using. What have these best anonymous web browsers to do with our privacy? 

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4 Best Anonymous Web Browsers 2017 Worth Using

Then here I am with the proper and brief introduction. Using these best anonymous web browsers you can surf almost everything on web without anyone intruding your privacy. Here, everything is entirely secret. This spying world will not be allowed to hamper your privacy in any way. As the word indicates web, you need to understand that this is a vicious circle where finding anything about you is not at all difficult. However, there are Best Android browsers that take care of security and privacy on the Internet. These are tentatively those browsers that are anonymous web browser. These browsers form a closure for you where no one can have an insight into what you do, where and when. Here in this article you will find the Best Anonymous browsers. All of these are capable of improving your Privacy and keeping you surf the web without leaving any footprints.

1.Tor Browser


One of the Best Anonymous browsers 2017 is the Tor. It boasts to be the best free privacy software more than being the browser. The major motive behind the design of the browser is to maintain the privacy. It shows a lot of dedication towards this cause. With this browser you can enter enter more deep on the web. It is appropriate to tag it as a browser that is dedicated to maintain the privacy and protect it at the same time while you browse the web. If you use this, then you are free from the chains to being kept an eye on. No one can spy on you. The reason behind this being that all the traffic goes through a route of private servers.

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It is definitely the best in the list as far as specifically maintain the privacy is in question.

You might not be aware that most of the browsers are limited to encrypting traffic however they leave behind the accessible metadata as the recipient and the ISP. This is not the case with the Tor Browser as here it goes through several servers. Here it is impossible to locate the original traffic IP. This justifies the headline Anonymous browsers. I will be amazing for you to know that the privacy protection is so high that even the US Navy uses it. Tor is undoubtedly the most secure Web browser. You must know that Tor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Epic Browser


Another in the list of best secret browsers is the Epic Browser. It is the one browser that integrates the complete privacy which the browser also aspires for. Here there is no option where your browser history gets saved. The third parties gets no permission to store the cookies in the browser, it blocks out the crawlers. It does not have any sort of autocomplete forms. The browser allows you to connect through a proxy that too with a single click. You might not know but the Epic Browser is based on the Chromium and it is also available on Windows and Mac.

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3. Comodo Dragon Browser


Comodo Dragon is one of the best hidden browser that includes plethora of anonymous browsing functions. It blocks all sort of cookies and all the crawlers. In addition to this, it also has antivirus that is preinstalled as well as a secure URL certifier. You can avail the Comodo Dragon Browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is definitely one of the few Best Anonymous Browsers That improve your Privacy & Security.

4. SRWare Iron


SRWare Iron is ideally dedicated to only the privacy. It has its base in the Chromium and there are a few modifications to the original one. Some of the Google’s practices that are not inn synchronization to maintaining the privacy are not shown here on this browser. Unlike others, on this browser you will not be able to find the popular keyword suggestions in the address bar. All this is with an intention to save your privacy from intruding. This is so because for them to be there, Google absolutely receives all the searches and addresses you enter, this means lack of privacy. In addition to this, it also removes a URL crawler that is inclusive of Chrome. SRWare Iron is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

All in all, these are the Top 4 best anonymous browsers 2017 that promise to ensure privacy. Nothing in the world can locate or make out which sites you have surfed or what stuff you have been watching. For those who do not wish their privacy to be open to all, these are the best options. With the list of Best Anonymous Browsers that improve your Privacy & Security, it totally depends on which one do you want to avail to prevent hampering your privacy because of the busy bodys out there. Begin using one today itself.



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