Android 11 – 5 Beneficial Features Coming up

Android 11

The operating system Android is now again up with its latest update Android 11. If the latest rumors are to be believed, the Beta version of the operating system is about to get launched by next month. Also, there are a number of predictions that have come up about the latest version. Not just predictions, there are leakages about some of the features that the latest version of the operating system is going to come up with.

There are a number of features that can be talked about, but here are some of the important features that the operating system is coming up with for smartphone users.

Larger Previews

The Android 11 is known to come up with a lot of features that are highly beneficial for the users. One of the most amazing ones is of having larger previews in the screens of the recent applications. The designing and the other factors of the apps will be similar to the existing one, with one factor changed and that is the size of the preview. Apart from offering a larger preview, Google has also offered some new features to the recent apps with the upcoming version of Android 11.

There will be two new shortcut options available on the preview and these are of the screenshot as well as share. The option of the screenshot will allow the users to take the screenshot instantly without trying any other hacks. On the other hand, the share option will allow the users to share the screenshot that has been captured. When the share option is clicked upon, the screen will come up with various other apps through which the user can share the screenshot to the respective receivers.

Pop-ups for screenshot

There is another new change that the users will come up and that is with the pop-ups for the screenshots that are taken. Whenever a screenshot is taken on the phone, the pop-up coming up will be much smaller in comparison to what it is now. Moreover, it is said that the pop-up size will be similar to that is available in Apple devices. Apart from the smaller pop-up for the screenshot, there are also a number of other options available with it such as the options of dismissing the notification of the screenshot from the notification bar.

Also, there will be also options too such as the screenshot can be easily shared with anyone through different apps or Bluetooth, or any other means. Also, there will be an option to edit the screenshot to either save it or to share it to anyone.

Improvement in the app permissions

There has been massive amount of work going on the option of app permission. It seems that Google is working over it since the last few updates and the actual change can be visible in the latest update of Android 11. As per the latest update for app permission, the permission will be revoked if the app is not in use for last many months. This is considered to be of great help as it will let the user know if any malicious app is trying to extract data from any of the apps available on the smartphone. So, it can be said that the app permission feature is something that is going to offer a good standard of protection to the users from the malicious data hackers. When the cases of such cases have increased, this feature can be seen as an option of great help to the users in keeping their data safe from such hackers.

Ethernet Tethering

Apart from the display and the security, there is also a new option added in the section of Ethernet tethering of the device running on Android 11. This will allow the phone to help the desktops run the internet even when the desktop does not have any support of Bluetooth of Wi-Fi. This can be done quite easily with the help of adapters and LAN.

A USB has to be connected to the Ethernet adapter and then to the Android phone. Now the LAN cable has to be connected to the adapter along with the desktop or PC. This way a set up will be ready that will help the desktop or the PC to run the internet through the use of the Android device.

Dismiss Notifications

Another big change that Android 11 is coming up with is the dismissal of persistent notifications. Of course, dismissal of the notifications is already there in the case of Android 10 but there are a number of times when the apps that are already running in the background cannot be dismissed from the notification bar. Google has worked upon this and has come up with the right option with its next update.

Users having a device with Android 11 will be able to dismiss such applications also that are running in the background. These dismissed apps will go to the History panel from where the users can check the apps that have been dismissed. This will surely allow the users to have a cleaner interface and will enable the users to use the phone in a much elegant way.

Apart from these few features for the users, there are also many other features of the Android 11 those are for the developers. With the launch of the version, many more other features will surely come up in addition to these few that are discussed.

Google comes up with updates in its operating system Android every 2 – 3 years. The latest version Android 11 has made already quite some ripples but due to the current pandemic situation, it is quite hard to say whether people are going to experience the new devices with the Android 11 operating system or not soon. As of now, the Beta version is about to get launched by next month, if everything goes right. It is hoped that soon the current issues of the pandemic can be resolved and buyers can grab the opportunity of making use of the latest version in new devices.


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