All you want to know about the new Dot-Notch Display


Technology is advancing quite fast, and one of the finest examples of it can be noticed in the smartphones that you are holding in your hand or your pocket.

A lot of people have been talking about the no-notch or waterdrop notch, punch notch, or dot notch display in smartphones. This is worth talking about if you wish to have a smartphone that has got the modern looks.

The concept of Notch

When smartphones first appeared, they were known for their big screen but also had a wide area around the screen that was known as the bezel. Slowly, the bezel area kept on reducing down, and the screen size kept on increasing.

The smartphone companies wished to have a model where the screen can cover up the whole front phone replacing the bezel. But this was not possible because the front camera, sensors, and other accessories were required to be adjusted as well.

But of course, the developing technology has made everything possible, and this has given birth to the concept of notch display in the smartphones.

The Introduction of Notch

It was Apple that introduced the idea of notch display in smartphones. The brand managed to adjust all the accessories such as camera, sensors, and others on the topmost little space that was visible above the screen in the form of a thin rectangle shape.

Soon, Vivo also came up with the concept, and Android smartphones started getting notch devices for the consumers.

The Trend of Dot-Notch Display

It is the era of technological advancements, and developers and experts are not satisfied with what they have. The idea was to have a phone without the bezel area at all and hence this constantly motivated the developers to come up with new achievements. Soon, the latest achievement was to get devices with waterdrop or punch hole or dot-notch display.

Recently, Xiomi Redmi has come up with the dot-notch display that appears as a dot on the top of the center top of the screen. Other than this, the entire front phone is covered with the screen. The clean look offers a modern and quite a high-class look to the smartphone. The user can unlock or operate the phone with finger sensor unlocking feature on the center bottom of the phone.

This dot is for the camera and other than that there are no hindrances on the smooth surface of the screen.

The trend of the dot-notch display is continuing, and in the meantime, Samsung had something else in its mind. It has already come up with its superior device Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the hole-notch display.

Though the dot-notch and other notch displays seem to be quite trendy in looks but also there are tricks available now that can help the users in hiding the notch to get a complete screen. On the other hand, there are also users who appreciate this dot-notch and even adorn their smartphone screen with dot-notch compatible wallpapers available.


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