8 Best Budget Mics for Youtube in India


You may be planning to start a youtube channel or might already have one, but you lack that one fundamental element of creating high-quality content- good audio quality. You see other creators killing it with their throaty voice while your comment box is spammed with comments like “sound issue” or “get a new mic”. You need not stress anymore as this post will help you decide the best microphone available at a budget price in India.

Some of you might be thinking why do I need a microphone I am not going to singing on my channel. Well, not just singers everybody needs a microphone. It helps in enhancing the quality of your channel and helps in canceling out unwanted sounds.

So, now that you know why a microphone is necessary, here are some of the best budget-friendly microphones that will help you create high-quality content to kickstart your youtube journey with a boom.

Before you jump to the list here are my top pics for budget mics under ₹500, ₹1000, and ₹1200:

Launched by HARMAN Professional Solutions, JBL Commercial CSLM20 tops my list of budget-friendly mics. It comes with a clip that provides the flexibility to attach the mic in different positions, a windshield that helps in reducing the wind noise, and an earphone.

Some of you might be scratching your head and asking what is the purpose of earphones with a microphone? Well, the answer is simple for audio monitoring. Thus, making JBL Commercial lavalier microphone one of a kind.

It works on a battery-powered element called CSLM20 and has a 3.55mm TRRS jack. It also has 360 omnidirectional audio pickup which helps you in capturing audio all around the place without any disturbance.

What’s Wow?

  • It comes with a headphone

What’s Flop?

  • Noise cancellation is poor

Simply and efficiently designed Maono AU-100 Microphone is the one that you need to upgrade from low-quality audio equipment to high-quality ones. It comes with a 6 meters audio cable that helps you function more freely.

It easily connects to almost any device be it android devices, ios devices, or amplifiers. The on and off button on this lavalier microphone is a very unique feature that helps in less consumption of battery. 

When the mic’s button is on then you can use it on equipment like DSLR and when it is off then you can use it on smartphones to save its battery.

All in all this microphone is a gamechanger for all you YouTubers out there.

What’s Wow?

  • The on and off button feature

What’s Flop?

  • Sound quality varies from device to device

Humble’s Dynamic Lapel Collar Mic is one of my favorite microphones just because of the amazing sound quality it provides at such a low price. It is a collar mic that helps you in recording audios easily. 

Yes, it is also an omnidirectional microphone so I would recommend all the vloggers who are just starting to go for it.

What’s Wow?

  • Low price and good quality

What’s Flop?

  • Good for beginners but for professionals, I won’t recommend it.

BOYA started in 2007, is well renowned for the manufacturing of electronic acoustic products. The BOYA BYM1 Omnidirectional lavalier condenser microphone is one of their budget-friendly microphone inventions that help you to amp up your audio quality.

It comes with a 20ft long audio cable that helps you record vlogs, interviews, and maybe stream effortlessly without worrying about the cord length. With a battery type of LR44, it goes on for 700 hours.

What’s Wow?

  • The 700-hour long battery life.

What’s Flop?

  • Need a separate app for making it work on IOS devices.

Another amazing microphone by the same company that deserves your attention is Universal Cardiod Shotgun Microphone Mini Mic. This incredible shotgun microphone comes with a furry windshield( to absorb the wind noises), a shock mount (to cancel out unwanted vibrations and also connects it with a tripod), and two audio cables (to connect it with various digital devices).

It’s a shotgun mic meaning it’s unidirectional it will capture sound only from the source where it is pointed at, unlike Boya BYM1. It is best for conducting speeches, educational videos, etc.

What’s Wow?

  • Two audio cables & shock mount

 What’s Flop?

  • Unidirectional 

USB microphones help in recording good quality sounds from your tablets and computer. I have just the right one mentioned here. 

Tukzer’s USB computer microphone comes with a flexible gooseneck that allows you to adjust the perfect angle and height as you like. It is also an omnidirectional microphone which helps it in capturing sounds you can from all nooks and corners where you are sitting.

It comes with an RGB lighting system which makes it one of the coolest mics on my list. 

What’s Wow?

  • RGB lighting system

What’s Flop?

  • Bad performance

We have one product from Mano which is called Mano AU-400. Like Mano AU-100 it is also a lavalier microphone but it is more on the cheaper end as compared to Maono AU-100.

It has a 78-inch long cord, a sturdy metal clip, and a 3.5mm headset jack. It is can be connected to any device thus, making its operation user-friendly.  

What’s Wow?

  • Affordable compared to AU-100

What’s Flop?

  • Not durable

A condenser microphone is basically used to capture vocals and high frequencies. These types of mics are mostly used by singers as studio mic because of their detail and accuracy. 

Powerpack’s BM 800 Professional Condenser microphone comes with a microphone, shock mount, power cord, and anti-wind foam. This mic works with devices that can provide it with enough energy.

If you are into gaming or podcasting and can stretch your budget a bit above 1000 bucks then this is without any doubt the best mic for streaming. Although the downside of buying a budget condenser microphone is that you need to have some additional accessories for working with it and that is a boom stand. Powerpack’s BM800 microphone condenser does not have come with a stand so you need to buy it separately.

What’s Wow?

  • Amazing sound quality

What’s Flop?

  • Need a good power supply
  • Need to buy a stand saperately

So here ends my list of the best cheap microphones in India for Youtube. I hope now you can easily decide which mic will help you in boosting your youtube channel.


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