7 Best Most Recent Inventions Across The Globe

7 Best Most Recent Inventions Across The Globe

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and there is no end to the inventions. On daily basis there are a plethora of inventions that take place in some part or the other of the word. In one way or the other these prove beneficial for the mankind in general and society in particular. Excessive and inappropriate use of the same might pose potential threats to the society but that is in the hands of the humans. We have become so habitual to these inventions that we expect one or the other to take place on daily basis and make our lives all the more easy and flexible. Here in this article we will highlight the 7 Best Most Recent Inventions Across The Globe.

1 A Walking House

One of the most talked about innovation of the recent times is the prototype house that is known to walk on its six legs. This happened for the first time in the boundaries of the campus in Wysing Arts Centre situated in Cambridgeshire, England. It is the eco-friendly house that is famous for the features that it has. The house is known to run on the energy of the solar cells. It is well equipped with the kitchen apart from the existence of a composting toilet. Not only his but here you will also find the installation of the method that helps to collect rain water. There is one bed as well as a back opening that acts as a stairway entry.

2 Air Into Water

The credit for this innovation goes to Johathan Ritchey. This personality is known to have created the Watermill, the one that is an atmospheric water producer. The invention is known to convert the air into the fresh water. The major purpose of this most recent technological invention is to be able to generate the fresh water that costs 3 cents a liter. This is basically a blessing to the impoverished regions of the world that lack the availability of hygienic drinking water. this can ideally be used in a household and is eco-friendly. This is a cost effective alternative to the bottled water. The atmospheric water generators work to turn the air into the water at the moment when the temperature of the air is saturated with suffice water vapor that it condense.

3. Car Gps Tracking

Car Gps Tracking are a common sight in the new vehicles nowadays. This is known and appreciated for offering the drivers an opportunity to track and navigate. Despite this being a commendable invention in itself, the advancement in technology has helped make this car gps tracking system even more modern and practicable. This sophisticated technology is paving an access for the huge array of alternative uses as well. The car gps tracking system is used so as to lower the car insurance. It helps in an inclusive recording of the driver’s behavior. This allows the insurance companies to modify the car insurance policies.

4. Jet Man

Jet Man in an appreciable invention of Yves Rossy. The concerned person actually jumped from the plane right above Calais and undertook the winged 200 mph journey over the English Channel in just13 minutes before he landed in Dover. Exactly prior to this, he had spread out the wings on his back and had then flown 300 kilometres over the Swiss Alps. It is a collection of four small jet engines that are linked to the carbon wings. The person mounted at 200 ft per minute before implementing the chain of the stunts for the crowd of journalists and viewed the scenario right from the top of the mountain.

5. Shark Tank

Mark Burnett is a Television producer and a personality. It is he who is appreciated for making the presentation of the reality TV shows that proved to be a hit, for instance, the “Survivor” along with the popular Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” and is credited for this entirely new Inventor series in cooperation with the Sony Pictures Television. The Shark Tank possess the inventors who offer the brand new and the altest inventions to plenty of investors who are the multi-millionaire.

6. Jay Leno Restores a century Old Electric Car

Jay Leno can rightly be known as the enthusiastic who is primarily a car aficionado. He has been given the credit for entirely restoring the Baker Electric car. It came to the forefront and grabbed the centre stage in the 1909. The crank less, as well as the quiet Baker was a creation of Walter C. Baker who had his origin in the Cleveland, at Ohio. It is he device that runs on alkaline batteries which a rightful creation of the Thomas Edison. This Baker is known to consume no gas as well as it releases no sort of emissions. Apart from this there is no need for any sort of maintenance.

7. The Square

The Square is the term that finds use for the latest inventions of Jack Dorsey. This, the Square is ideally a small plug-in accessory that finds place for the diverse types of mobile phones. With the help of this you can easily get the payments via the credit card. The idea of the same for the first time struck the mind of the creator when his friend Jim McKelvey was unable to sell of the glass work. He was unable to sell it to one of the customer who tried to make the payment with the help of a card. There is a small scanner that finds use in the invention. It plugs into the audio input jack that is present on the mobile phone.

All in all, these are the 7 Best Most Recent Inventions Across The Globe. These have proved to be a great blessing fir the existence of mankind and the for the environment also. With all these inventions to bag we wait for more such inventions to happen and revolutionize this technocratic world.



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