5 Video Calling Apps High-in Demand Due to Lockdown


The emergence of the coronavirus and the lockdown situation has locked several people in their own houses. But of course, work cannot stop completely as people need to earn money to survive. Several offices have offered their employees with the facility of work from home.

Work does not just consist of the individual tasks but offices do have regular meetings to discuss several ideas. While people are working from home, video calling technique has made such meetings highly possible even in this crisis situation.

Not just work, even schools and colleges have offered the teachers the option the option of offering classes to the students through which video calling technology.

Also, the lockdown period is best utilized by a number of people as meeting up such friends and relatives through virtual meet-ups, meeting whom or even talking to whom was not possible much due to hectic schedules.

With so many things being done, no doubt, video calling has become the next superhero in the town. This has led a number of video calling applications to have a whooping increase in traffic these days. There are so many people who never tried out video calling before but now have turned to become a potential user of one of the video calling apps.

If you are still thinking of making use of a video calling app, here is a list of 5 such apps that are high-in demand due to the lockdown situation currently.


Facebook and Messenger are operational separately now for quite some time. Though both of them are still under the same roof but now you can start using the Messenger app without even having a Facebook profile.

Messenger has become a great option for people who are getting indulged in personal video calling sessions with friends and family. It is easy and hassle-free and can be used on both smartphone as well as the desktop.

Also, the app offers the users to call someone individually or also to have group video calling with many people. To have a video calling session, the user needs to make a group of the people in the app and then can start a group video calling with them.


WhatsApp was an instant hit among the users and as per the current statistics that are as many as 2 billion people who are using the application now. The application has become one of the prime options for video calling as it is highly in use for messaging and also is convenient to use. The application allows the users to have a one to one video calling feature and also group video calling.

Making video calls are quite easy with just one tap on the video call button on the top tab of the app. Even having video calling is easy where you can simply keep on adding your contacts while you are already active on a video call with someone.

Also, the quality of videos is much better in comparison to Facebook Messenger and hence a lot of people consider making use of Whatsapp for video calling and the demand has surged up during the lockdown period now.


It has been recently found that current the usage of Skype has increased by as much as 70%. Skype is a common application that is used as a corporate communication mean by many of the corporate firms. Currently, when people are working from home, virtual meetings and conferences are taking place over this application. There are options are video calling between two people for one to one meeting and also the option of group calling for a meeting that consists of many people.

Not just official matters, Skype has also become famous for personal usage due to its high quality video and amazing service.

Google Duo

For personal use, the free app Google Duo is another one that is getting famous during the Lockdown period in different parts of the world. Some of the best features of the application is that it is a small sized application and is available on Android as well as iOS operating system.

The application can be used by the users for messaging, voice calling, and video calling facilities. The application allows the users to make one to one video calling as well as group video calling with a high number of people in comparison to the other applications such as mentioned above.


Zoom is recently known application among the general public as it was previously for the businesses and official works strictly. It is mainly a video application that is used for official meet-ups and hangouts. The calling feature is a bit of confusing where the user have to invite the other people for the video conferring through email or other medium. The other person will have to accept the invitation and then only the conferencing can start.

Though the function is a bit of long-procedure but recently it is getting famous as it is considered reliable source for many of the companies for official virtual meetings and hangouts.

Apart from the official meetings, the application is getting popular for personal usage also as it is made usable for personal forms during the lockdown. Also, more number of users are making use of it for personal usage as it allows video calling with a high number of people together.

Video calling feature has helped a lot not just in keeping the works and studies continued even while being at home but also has helped people in being in touch with the friends and relatives during the lockdown period. There are a number of people who are not habituated in staying back at home for long and hence may feel irritated without meeting up their friends outside. The above-mentioned applications are some of the best options in this case for such people to meet up with their friends and family virtually. Also, the applications have played a great role in bringing together such friends and relatives close again who have not interacted for ages due to the busy schedule that people have today.


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