5 Tips To Improve Your Website’s SEO With Video


5 Tips To Improve Your Website's SEO With Video

One of the deadliest digital marketing mistakes is not using videos to improve your SEO rankings. Most people think about adding keywords and so on for claiming higher rankings on SERPs. However, it may be a surprise to many people that videos can also help you improve your appearance on Google and other search engines. 

The reason why many businesses don’t focus on Video SEO is that they don’t create videos in the first place. However, if you do create videos regularly, reading the five tips mentioned below will help you improve your website’s SEO – keep reading!  

  1. Publish the video on your website

Most people think about YouTube when they want to publish a video online. However, if you have the goal of improving your website rankings, keep in your mind that uploading videos to any video hosting platform won’t do any good. 

The only way you can benefit from videos to improve your SEO rankings is by hosting videos on your website. So pick up your video camera, use the right video editor website, and publish the videos on your website for amazing SEO results. 

  1. Don’t forget about the metadata

If you have been working on SEO strategies like Guest blogging, you might already know the terms of “Title tags” and “Meta tags.” HTML tags like these help you describe your content the right way to search engine bots. 

Make sure you include proper metadata about your videos to increase your chances of claiming higher SERPs. Don’t forget to name your video file properly, as it also helps you from an SEO perspective. 

  1. Include proper keywords

The importance of keyword research cannot be neglected when it comes to Video SEO. If you upload the videos on your website without optimizing for the right keywords, you will fail to improve the appearance of your website on SERPs. 

It’s your job to find out the right keywords that can be optimized with your videos. Avoid stuffing the keywords as it only has a bad impact. 

  1. Publish the transcript of your video

There’s no denying the fact that proper SEO is all about making things easier for your target audience and the search engine bots. The only way you can improve the effectiveness of your video is by publishing the transcript of your video on your website. 

Doing so will help you include the right keywords that can increase your chances of claiming the top SEO rankings. Furthermore, it also allows you to improve the user experience for your target audience.  

  1. Enable the embedding feature 

If you create amazing videos that not only solve the issues of your target audience but can also help other publishers make them easier for their readers, people will be willing to share your video on their website by using the “Embed” feature. 

Make sure you allow other publishers to embed the videos you create on their websites. This embedding also works as a backlink for your website, so don’t forget about this part! 


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