5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Laptop Performance & Lifespan


Although pace of technological change is fast, many first time buyers of laptop develop an attachment to them and want to keep them for as long as it is possible. If you are student or a salaried employee, keeping your laptop well maintained and in good condition may mean more to you than others. Thankfully, it is not as difficult as it may appear. These tips can  improve laptop performance  & can make sure your laptop remains in working condition for much longer time than average.


Handle with Care:

Most people are careless when handling their electronic gadgets, including laptops. They will just throw them around while packing or unpacking them or even while in general use. These increases and damages vital components due to impact shocks received by the laptop. Always be careful while moving around or putting down your laptop on a surface.

Take Care of Heat and Dust:

Heat and dust are major enemies of any electronic devices including laptops. Make sure to use cooling pads to keep your laptop from overheating, which is a common phenomenon in any laptop. Overheating may cause component failures, or increase wear and tear leading to decreased lifespan. Use screen guards and lamination to protect your laptop from dust entering your laptop through tiny cracks or crevices.

Maintain Hard Drive Space:

Keep your laptop clean of digital waste. Delete files and software that are not necessary for your day to day work. Operating system of your laptop needs space to put temporary files on your hard drive to function optimally. If there are a lot of files taking a lot of space, it will slow down your laptop. This will decrease your laptops performance on long term basis.

Take Care of Your Battery:

Your laptop battery is one of the most overlooked components of your laptop. Not taking care of them is like not taking care of your laptop as a whole. You can improve your laptop’s battery performance just by keeping the charge between 20% and 80%. Some laptop models offer integrated software to achieve the same. You can improve your battery performance by maintaining the ambient temperature between 15° C to 22° C. You also can use different software available for both Mac and Windows to monitor your battery’s performance.

Keep it Secure:

More than advice it is age old wisdom to take proper precaution to keep your laptop free of viruses and malware as it will drastically reduce your laptop’s performance. Install proper anti-virus or other software to keep your laptop clean. Make it your priority to check for any updates to your antivirus that may be available from time to time. If you are using your laptop for business or studies, keep away from all unnecessary downloads as they are the usual carriers of virus and malware.
These are just a few basic guidelines you can follow to make your laptop enjoy a longer life. It’s a good start. You can make use of online and offline magazines to find more about taking care of your laptop. Even your retailer may provide sound and good advice on things you can do to keep your laptop from crashing and dying abruptly. Keeping reading this blog for more such articles in future.


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