5 Online Games that got Famous during Lockdown

5 Online Games

When everyone is locked in homes due to the pandemic, it gets actually difficult to pass the time when you do not have much to do. People who have been trapped in the work from home scenario are exceptions because most of the times they are busy with their work.

But there are also many such people who are relieved from work and have a lot of time to spend relaxing at home. Of course, there are a lot many motivational things that have come up as an activity to do during the lockdown period such as learning new things, binge watching new series, and many others.

But if you are game lover, you must have surely utilized this time in playing a lot of online games. While there are a number of games that are there on the online platform now, there are some of these games that have got exceptionally famous during the quarantine period. People are playing these games more often than the usual times. The most amazing thing is that among these games some are such that you may have not thought of before.


You must have played ludo on the ludo board and the coins as a kid. But now when the game is available online on your phones, you can play it anytime and anywhere without the worry of arranging the board and the coins. This has made this game quite famous during the quarantine time. The whole family can sit and play the game together on the phone and hence people are spending some real quality time with the family even when playing online games on phone.

Not just with the family, if you are playing the game alone, you can play with the online competitors too. Hence, reasons are many that have made this game to be one of the most played online games during the lockdown period in India.


The game Rummy is gaining importance and popularity over last few years. It has been declared also a few years back that it is not gambling and it is a game of skills that is also helpful in improving upon the cognitive skills of the players. But players are not just playing the game for these skills but also for a huge number of benefits it bestows.

The game is engaging and thrilling that is one of the most important reasons why players love this game. Apart from this, if you win the games, you also win loads of cash rewards. Do not worry as even if you do no win, there are ways how you can save your money from being lost in the game.

All you need is to understand the game a bit and practice it quite often to master in it. Most of the Rummy sites offer free points to the players so that they can practice and master the game using these points so that no money is lost till the time you are not getting expert in the game.

Puzzle Games

Surprisingly, a number of puzzle games are getting famous in the recent days due to the quarantine situations. Puzzle games such as picture puzzles, word puzzles, and many others are getting famous not just among the teenagers but also among the kids and elders.

If guesswork has to be done, the rising popularity of the puzzle games are due to a number of reasons such as:

  • They are used by parents to keep the kids engaged in a useful and productive way

  • Candidates who are preparing for different entrance and competitive exams are playing them improve upon their skills

  • A lot many people play these games just for passing the time or just to have fun in their free time.

Life – The Game

It seems that the developers of the game Life – The Game made the best choice by understand what can attract people during this quarantine period. The whole world is messed up with the coronavirus thing and people are trying to gather more and more information on the virus so that they can know how to combat it.

This particular game is developed around the disease and it has been beautifully designed not just for the entertainment of the people but also to educate them about how to deal with the situation such as maintaining hygiene and other details.

It is due to the theme of the game that many of the people got attracted towards the game and started playing it out of curiosity. There are also a number of schools and agencies that have promoted the game so that people can get educated about the disease and can learn different ways of dealing it.


PUBG has made a lot of roar ever since its inception in the Indian online gaming industry. Now when people are at home and have not much in hand to do, they are exploring different online games and PUBG is also one of them. It can be the curiosity of knowing what the game is actually all about or playing it with friends who already have it, ultimately, the game has gained popularity once again during the quarantine times.

Apart from these many games, there have been also many other online games that are making rounds during the quarantine situations. As a number of people are facing financial crisis, it has been noticed that a lot many people are getting attracted towards gaming that promises to offer them winning cash rewards.

During the lockdown situation, when every other business is facing loss and a forced stop, one of the industries that are booming is that of online gaming. People having lots of free time in hand are either enjoying binge watching of different series and movies or are enjoying playing online games. Of course, when the current online games are quite engrossing, a lot many people get attracted to them. Apart from the visual and other attractive features, many of the games attract players with the feature of cash rewards on winning in them.


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