5 Famous Android messaging applications that allows you to send amazing stickers


Android has brought to you a number of messaging application to stay connected with your contacts. You not only share messages and chitchat over the messaging application, but in fact you can also keep track of your contacts and can enjoy many other features that were not available earlier. Among the various features that have been added to the messaging services by Android, one very impressive feature is the stickers. This is a fun way to express your feelings or what you want to say without typing any sentence. All you have to do is to insert a sticker of your message and the recipient will understand what you mean to say. Not on all applications, but you can enjoy such stickers feature on some android messaging applications. 5 most famous applications where you can enjoy stickers are Viber, Line, WeChat, Hike and Facebook Messenger.


Viber is known to be the most famous android messaging application after WhatsApp. With an attractive looking interface, the application is also known for its amazing and cute collection of stickers. Viber is known to be having the most attractive and cute stickers till now in comparison to other messaging applications. You will get a sticker for everything, from a Good morning message to Good night, from I Love you message to I hate you, from Please call me message to I am travelling. There are also stickers available on different themes such as festival, or seasons.  Altogether, if you don’t want to type your message, you can easily send stickers to explain your message in a cute way.




Another android messaging application that is known to have some amazing and attractive stickers after those of Viber is Line. Again in Line, similar to Viber, you can get stickers of various themes. Here you can get also a number of funny stickers that you will enjoy sending in a group chat. Here you also get stickers for various events such as during a cricket match or some other famous events that is currently going on. The best thing about Line is that here you also get the provision to earn rewards at times by sending these stickers to your friends.



Guys! The list has not ended yet. Here comes another messaging application with some of the most known characters in the form of attractive stickers. You will get stickers of famous animation movies such as Frozen, Rio, Nemo and many more. With these super high quality stickers you can get also some stickers with moving effects such as a doll sticker with its hand waving at you, or a bird sticker flapping its wings. There are many more sticker collections to explore from the WeChat sticker store such as stickers conveying your messages like Thank you and sorry.



Hike has recently got very popular, due to its huge advertisement campaigns. A very unique feature of Hike that has made it even more popular is its offline messaging service where you can even send texts in the form of SMS to contacts that are not on Hike. If you use Hike you can notice wide variations in its sticker zone. There are also a variety of smiles that you won’t get anywhere else. Hike features mainly stickers of its particular character with square face and long lanky limbs. Apart from various themed stickers with this character, there are many other stickers also that you will definitely enjoy sharing.


Facebook Messenger

Recently Facebook Messenger has also added the sticker store so that you can share different stickers to your contacts. Though the range of stickers here are much lesser than the above mentioned applications, but still you can find some good collections that includes also stickers with animations.


All the applications having the feature of stickers have a sticker store from where you can get the stickers. Out of the various stickers, maximum are free to download but some very high quality stickers can cost you some dollars.


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