5 Best Weighing Scales For Using At Home In India 2020

5 Best Weighing Scales For Using At Home In India 2020

Keeping a track of your weight is very important to stay fit and healthy. There are plenty of weighing scales available in the market that lets you weigh your body at home. Here we are with 5 Best Weighing Scales For Using At Home In India 2020:

1. Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale

This is one of the best weighing machines that is not only light-weight but also has a backlight. It comes with G sensors and you have the flexibility to change the measuring unit to KG/LB/ST. The machine comes with a skid-proof design with a large LCD. It also has an error indicator in addition to the low battery indicator.

2. Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

HN-286 Digital Weight scale is another best weighing scale in the list that helps you smartly track your weight. The appliance comes with a four-sensor accuracy technology as well as a precision display. There is tempered glass for the safety of the machine that enjoys an ultra-slim design. the surface of the machine is non-slip able to withstand up to 180 kilograms at the max. The scale turns off automatically after sixteen seconds.

3. Equinox EB-9300 Weighing Scale

Equinox EB-9300 weighing scale enjoys an elegant and very stylish design having a floral pattern. The sleek design of the appliance comes with a huge LCD for easy view and 3 volts lithium battery that elongates its work life. Even after you step down from the machine, you can see your weight on the screen for around five seconds before the light goes off. The appliance can weigh up to 150kgs.

4. Venus EPS 2799 Electronic Weighing Scale

Venus EPS 2799 Digital Weighing Scale is one of the best options that you can explore. The appliance has a highly precise strain gauge sensor system along with a mild steel body and an enormous LCD. Auto-on, zero, and off is one of the features that attract a lot of users. It indicates in the case of overloading or low battery. THE weighing capacity of the appliance extends up to 180 kgs.

5. Health Sense PS130 Leather Lite Digital Personal Weighing Scale (Brown)

PS130 enjoys a leather-like appearance having an ABS platform as well as mirror edges which also renders it attractive. A huge LCD making it easy for you to view your weight on the screen from a distance. The appliance is not only lightweight but also enjoys a non-fragile body as it is non-slippery. It also comes with a highly precise G sensor.

All in all, these are the 5 Best Weighing Scales For Using At Home In India 2020. These are all readily available in the market, You can either buy these from a shop nearby or you can also order it online. The price range within which these are available in the market is also pocket friendly. The non-fragile body of the appliance facilitates use over an extended period of time.


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